Woot! Just got my Clinchgear shorts! :D


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Oct 15, 2003
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Yeah! Am really happy with these puppies. I order them on Sunday and got them Wed. That was pretty quick so thumbs up to them for that. First these shorts look like your average shorts but feel so light and unrestricting its not even funny. The lycra side strips and crotch are awesome. I was throwing high kicks without ANY kind of hinderance what so eva. I give these shorts a 10/10 overall. I honestly can't wait to wear these for my next match in Oct. Seriously for 30.00 through their sale I honestly say that everyone should try them out as an alternative to Sprawl. Highly rec. Peace!
I want some but I couldn't find any on their site in my size. One of my instructors wears them and he says they're the best pair he's got.
Cool! Glad to here you like the shorts, post some pics if you get a chance. What size did you order by the way?
I got mine this week also - but they're too big.

Need to get onto them about getting a replacement.
I ordered them as a 36 which is my true waist size. The waist fits fine with just enough room for comfort and I have big legs, but they fit great and feel good. yeah i'll try to break out my webcam if I can find it. In the process of rearranging my TINY ASS room to fit all stuff. I'll take some pics asap. Peace!
Great Post! I checked them out and looks good. I might be getting a pair someday :p Did you also check out the hats? I liked that Striker/Grappler thing they have.
I am thinking about getting a pair as well. Everything I have heard about them has been positive.
Great, I just got a pair. They are on their way, so the key question is whether they will fit.
Seriously like mentioned the crotch flex panel is awesome. Probly the best crotch flex section in any MMA short.

I see your VERY into the Crotch section of shorts Foz. :D JK
I own a pair of the Clinch shorts and I think there some of the best shorts out there! Especially with regards to the price, you cant go wrong with these shorts
Fozzy said:
Seriously like mentioned the crotch flex panel is awesome. Probly the best crotch flex section in any MMA short.


Lol, I didn't even know they had the crotch flex panel until I read this. Since i'm still wearing mine after getting home from practice I had to take a look down to my crotch, feel around (yeah I did it) and sure enough, a crotch flex panel! what a discovery lol
LOL this is getting weird guys! Enough of the crotch! See what you started Fozz!
pink gi's, pink gear in general, and crotch reviews. you're all gonna begin to wonder about me:p


i began wondering when Foz tried to kiss me that one night on the dock..