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will the weight come off???


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Aug 22, 2005
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have entered a bjj competition on 27th november. it's my first comp and i've entered the light category even though i'm currently at the top end of the middle. fact is i'm overweight though - 5' 6" and weigh 177. so i'm tryin to lose 10-15 lbs in 2 months. have changed my diet to:

breakfast: 1 smoothie (2 bananas, 1 apple, topped up with orange juice)

lunch: chicken and rice or similar

dinner: fish or meat with veg (no carbs)

i drink lots of water and herbal tea through the day

i train stand up 1 hour monday, 1 hour thursday, 2 hours saturday. bjj 1 hour thursday. submission grappling 1 hour tuesday. i do no lifting and don't go to the gym.

will the weight come off or should i try and put more cardio in there? maybe a short run in the evening after work? i try and get out on my mountain bike sometimes (did 30 miles on sunday) but this isn't regular enough to have any real impact. the obvious thing is to eat much less and exercise a lot more but i love eating!
everything sounds fine to me you just need to have a little bit more cardio in there
like run 2 miles or so
The weight will come off if your stick to that diet. I would be more concerned about your gas for your comp if you are only doing 2 hours a week of grappling (BJJ/Sub grappling). If you add more grapplinging to help your cardio for the comp that will only help to take the weight off. 2 months is a long time especialy if you get strict on your diet. That weight should come off rather easily. Stick to the diet, train hard and keep me/the fourm updated on your progress.
well i'm 3lbs lighter than when i did that last post, which is ok i suppose. have talked to the guy i train with and am getting an extra hour grappling in the week. unfortunately last night my gf cooked a really nice spag bol with lots of garlic bread and i really pigged out on the carbs. i'm going on a marathon booze-sesh this afternoon too so that won't help. still there's plenty of time, and if 2 or 3 lbs comes off a week then that should be fine.