Will the Cain vs JDS trilogy turn out to be like the Liddell vs Couture series?

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Nov 22, 2012
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1. JDS finishes Cain in 60 seconds in the first fight
2. Cain dominates JDS by pushing forward with punches and outwrestling him. (wins UD)
3. ????

Chuck vs Randy:
1. Randy bullies Chuck with his takedowns and driving him back with punches.
2. Chuck quickly knocks Randy out
3. Chuck puts Randy away at 1:26 of the second round, still fairly early.

JDS's best chance seems to be an early knockout of Cain because while neither man's cardio looked as good as it was believed to be but Cain has a clear edge, still its tough to say how a third fight would go though I doubt it would look like the last fight, Juniors cardio and TDD should be priorities and don't even get me started on his striking defense. Cain would probably win by descision again as Junior is apparently made of titanium though I would say Cains top control would be a bigger factor if JDS works on the holes that were there this fight.
Cain will win the rubber match unless JDS DRASTICALLY changes his conditioning and overall fight game.
Lord I hope so, they meet again I just hope
It isn't right away.
If Junior improves his cardio and commits to fighting off his back he has a chance to beat Cain, he showed that he can take Cain's best and make it to the end so that has to be encouraging on some front.
if you consider chuck to be junior and if the second fight was the first one, then no

cain wins the third fight the way randy won the first one - so, kinda, not really - half way there
so then JDS is gonna KO cain down to 205?

hmm, I like your comparison.
JDS's best to chance to win against anyone is going to be to KO them. That's no secret. He can knock anyone out at any time. If he gewts to Cain before the final bell, he'll win. Its Cain's job to keep him from landing the big shot.
If a third match happens I would bet on Cain. I think Dos Santos would have the training of his life tho, anything can happen. I just lost my vCash on Junior... /QQ
I see the comparison.

Pulling for JDS in the trilogy! Wonder who he's going to have to take it out on in the mean time? Too bad Bigfoot is already taken, because he's already beaten Nelson and he's KO'd Struve already. Maybe Kongo? That could be kind of cool.
I got an improved cardio JDS viciously KO'ing Cain in the 3rd fight.