will guard game work in a street fight?


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Mar 17, 2008
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will pulling guard and triangles work, if kicking your balls or biting is allowed in a fight?
It's highly not advised.

Kicking in the balls is pretty weak.
Yes,but its all about technique. I've used it in a street fight,the kid was an inch shorter but was heavier and STRONGER, by allot. He threw me, and before he had the chance to start drilling my face I broke him down I felt his arms shake because he was pushing so hard to get up,so I let go and followed up with a pendulum sweep,achieved mount and held that Ezekiel choke for a bit until he stopped throwing those annoying rabbit punches to the top of my head (He blacked out) . The point of the guard is to give the smaller guy whos losing the fight a chance! and if he knows what hes doing he will do exactly that.
pulling guard on the cement would not be the best idea they would have a big advantage but if they take you down thats a different story.
Hell no, I would use it only if the circumstances force me there. But even in that case, I would be all about pushing him away and get back on my feet, or getting a really fast sweep and then get the hell out of there/come on top.
If you end up on the bottom submit or sweep him. If you know what you are doing you can do it against an attacker in 10 seconds.

You should never pull guard purposely though obviously
You know what part of my BJJ game will contribute to a street fight?

Situational awareness, sprawling, balance and better cardio for running.
Have you felt the balance of 99% of new comers to your bjj gym? It's not usually hard to sweep them from your guard (usually you can do it within a few seconds). Plus triangles work wonders when someone is so content on throwing punches. Having said that, if you can play your top game - do it!

Better yet, avoid the fight to begin with and get the hell out of there!
my brother, who is no jj player but has been through army combatives, defended himself in a fight by pulling guard and snapping on a guillotine. so, yeah, it can work, but it's not very wise to pull guard when you could also shoot for the top.
yes it can, and against an untrained dude, you are going to fuck him like, of course, thats thinking its a 1 vs 1... no friends involve
I prefer my Judo for street fights, o-soto-gari, then use the sec where he's stunned to check my surroundings.
pulling guard shouldn't be your first option, even if you have a killer guard. But if you end up there, you will be glad you know jits.
Pulling guard on cement is a good way to get a cracked skull. It beats being pounded senselessly, but if you have to be in a fight to start with, get to the top, get your shots in, then get the hell away.
Yeah, as the others have said, I would not voluntarily go to the ground in a street fight. Cement is WAY harder than tatami. Of course if you find your self there, use the guard. I'd rather use any Judo take down to get on top and control him.
Concerning the triangle groin bite:

This is actually much harder to pull off than it might seem. Try it sometime with your girlfriend. If you start seriously applying the triangle, it gets very tight and there isn't much room to turn the head. Your opponent also starts passing out very quickly.

If you get desperate, you can grab your opponent's head and gouge the eyes to push the head back while you are applying the triangle. Most people will be discouraged from biting you if doing so means they will gouge out their own eyes in the process.

I'm not saying that the triangle is a really sweet self-defense move, but I don't think that the commonly discussed biting counter is as effective as it initially seems. I like triangles, and I also like these questions of realistic application, so I've done some empirical research on it.
Its a street fight. There will be more than one adversary and cheating is allowed. Better ditch the BJJ.
I think guard work will actually save you in a street fight if your a smaller guy.
It's a good thing to know BJJ for street situations so you know how to get back to your feet, or if you have to, choke someone out/break an arm and get away ASAP, not to pull guard and work from there. If you get taken down obviously it's a good thing you CAN use your guard, but it's only there if you need it, not as your first plan in a fight.