Will Faber ever be a champion again?

Don't see him beating Aldo at 145 ever, not sure if he would get to Cruz again and I think Barao would beat him again as well.

Honestly, I don't think Faber will be champ again, but he's had a great career and he can still be a big name and a top 5 guy for a few more years before hanging 'em up.
Having lost a mind-boggling FIFTH (fucking FIFTH) title shot in a row, I just can't see it.

The only conceivable way would be if Dom takes out Barao/McDonald, and he somehow earns another title shot. But at what point will the UFC be like "Alright man, we've given you enough titleshots. Enough is enough."
sorry to say no. It's unfortunate that he peaked while in WEC and now that he is in the UFC the competition has caught up and surpassed him.
If he can avoid that arm bar in February, he's got a shot.
maybe an interim to the interim belt if barao gets hurt
It's doubtful...the only way I see it is when Aldo moves up to 155, and Faber goes back to 145. He has a chance at 135 but I don't see him beating Cruz again or Barao.
nope. never. glory days were long ago in WEC.

which is a shame b/c i like watching him fight.
Considering the fact that every second fight of his is for a title sheer duumn luck means that he'll eventually win one, maybe his 10th title shot he'll be successful.