Why the hell am I gassing so soon now?

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Golddoor, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Golddoor Guest

    Im on my 2nd month of JuJitsu and my stamina is lower now than when I started. I was rolling for 5 minutes without gassing but these past two weeks I have been running totally out of air within 30 seconds. And i mean where I almost pass out. It almost feels like a anxiety attack or something. I also think I might have a sinus infection. Not sure if that could be the cause or not? Maybe asthma? I have always had breathing problems(bad sinuses) while growing up but not near this bad. I am going to go see a doc next week. Any suggestions?
  2. mozart Guest

    Almost passing out? Arent you exaggerating a bit ?
    Did you have a significant weightchange within that two month?

    I'm certainly not a doctor, but my guess would be that there is probably nothing wrong. If you didnt train before it is natural that your body has to build up therefore you'll get through some weak phases within the first couple of month.
    A suggestion could be to get a week rest before training again your cardio should be noticeable better after that. If it is really that bad then seeing a doc is not a bad idea.
  3. Golddoor Guest

    Well I might be exagerating a bit but not much. And yes I am closing in on the end of a cycle and I have put on about 20 pounds since April. I posted this on a couple of steroid boards and alot of people say that lung capacity decreases while on. I cant hardley believe that though seeing that sprinters and football players are on the sauce!
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    I think the rapid 20lb weight gain is your answer. I don't have any personal experience with steroids, but regardless, I think the answer here is pretty simple - more muscle = more oxygen requirements, and if you put the muscle on fast, your lungs and heart have not caught up yet.

    If you can focus on reconditioning your aerobic capacity to support your new musculature, then things should return to normal or even better than normal since you can then utilize your new strength better.

    I think its basically inevitable that a fast muscle gain is definitely going to crunch your aerobic conditioning until other parts of your body can catch up...you've just massively increased your oxygen requirements for the same amount of exertion.

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