wht makes u eff skillset/style or phys attributes


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May 29, 2005
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The reason i am writing this rhread to get a better sense of u guys standup and what u think it is that helps you be successful in actual fights or sparring; i know to an extent you have to have all three, but more times than not people hang their hat on one moreso than the other.

So are you a guy who leans on

Technique- basically meaning you know both sides of the game, in regards to off/def, countering, spacing, throwing in combination, setting up shots, an using a variety of strikes (i.e. hooks/jab/leg kick/knees/etc) Are u someone that is sharp...precise and very clean in regards to your tech. Examples- guy mezger..rodrigo noguiera...yves edwards..jens pulver

Style_ meaning u have an approach, that does not necessarily change regardless of who u fight; it's not sooo much tech or attributes you use to win, but a certain approach. Some people are movers..others are volume punchers...others are brawlers...counter punchers..
examples- tank...rashad evans...cabbage...chuck liddel...nate quarry...sam hoga

Attributes- In this instance u might not have a real style or particular master of the skillset; you lean on ur physical abilities to make up for ur shakiness in other areas. I.e. heavy hands... great chin...physical durability...stremgth...
examples- rob lawler...bob sapp....chris leben..mark hunt..jorge rivera..charles bennet.. mevlin guillard

wht do u guys think fits you best: i would say i am more of a style person; i don't feel my attributes are necessarily good enough to carry me in a fight, i mean i have timing.. and overally mobility. But neither is necessarily enough to have me beat someone; i have a good understanding of tech and have tech, but don't choose to be a technician. I more or less adjust the tech to what i like to do. So i feel my success is based on how i do things moreso than me being able to do anything so well.
i have been pretty successful in sparring because i have a long reach a lot of speed, and good offensive strategy. the speed comes from technique. but i am not very physically durable despite being strong, fast, and smart.
never been KOd but im sure it's possible. sry about double post feel free to delete it
I was a part of a boxing gym and I guess I wud be style I guess. I dont have a superior reach but i and about average height possibly taller. I am stronger than alot of guys but cannot rely fully on strength. technique is about average so depends on who i am fighting I change my strategy. I cud move around stick and move, or play an inside game, brawl or try to bx a guy. no real style more stategy
honestly im physically gifted. i was a great athlete in football, track.. i have alot of strength.( im russian). ive worked at my technique, and i have a pretty good chin if i say so myself. i see openings, i see weak points in everyone's style, thats probably my biggest thing.. i see where i can attack, and when to attack.