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Whose Style Of Grappling Would You Like To Have and Why?


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Nov 8, 2005
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Ok, Whose style of grappling would you like to have and why?

I would LOVE to have Ronoldo "Jacare" Souza's style of grappling, hes just to explosive and aggressive with his takedowns, and when the fight goes to the ground, he's always moving and working to improve his position and go for the submission.
I like unorthodox styles, so I would have to say Marcelo's for his surpising with simple moves by using them at times most people aren't used to seeing them.

Secondly, Gomi. He plays a very tight game, with heavy wrestling influence but he uses angles differently than I see others using them, catching a sub as the result.

Third, this is based only on what I've heard, but Sato's style sounds rather unique and interesting. I hear he is very fast and I imagine his submissions are better than most people at his level (as opposed to just generel ground skills, or defense).
Tokoro for submission and mma, Marcelo's style for no-gi.

But I really want to stay unique with a style.
Sato, Imanari, Gomi, all great uniqure styles. Sakuraba as well.
Top Game: Sakuraba
Guard/Bottom: Nogueira
Leg Locks: Imanari
Takedowns: Karo
Other: Eddie Bravo's Rubber Guard and Half Guard, Rampage's slams :icon_twis
Well since i Dont know the names I'll give ya this.
The Good comabt wrestling competitors..there was a clip posted here a while back..
Good takedowns, they actually defend a shot, they attack from the guard, they attack from within the guard...Overall a very nice flowing version of submission grappling that has a lil bit of everything.
What style would I "like" to have, or what style would I realistically like to have?

Because if it's the former, I'd want to have the "Overpower-your-opponent-pick-them-up-high-and-SLAM-them-down-hard-over-and-over-like-a-rag-doll" style.

Realistically, I'd want BJ Penn's mastery of taking the back, Fedor's GNP, and Nogueira's bottom game.
My style is to always work, and always look to finish.

If I had to choose someone to emulate, it would without a doubt be Jacare.
No question... I would want to be like Jacare as well. Always attacking... always exciting.
Combination of Jacare for throws, Genki Sudo for movement and explosivness, Marcello for taking the back and control.
2 pages and nobody mentioned the name of the best grappler of our days: Roger Gracie? I'll pick him...
tudor_bjj said:
2 pages and nobody mentioned the name of the best grappler of our days: Roger Gracie? I'll pick him...

roger gracie?

tudor_bjj said:
The thread it's about whose style you would like, not about the most fun to watch, really cool etc. When you see Roger or Rickson or Marcelo (on top) rolling you understand why they are the best: tight control.
And the vast majority of japanese grapplers are too sloppy. It's like taking tae-bo training instead of muay thai only cause the first is more pleasing to the eye...

No, my point is that most people who aren
I'd love to have even half the game Einemo has on the ground and in standing grappling.
Great, explosive takedowns coupled with an expert finishing touch on the ground.
I could tear through the Scandinavian grappling scene until I met him and got subbed of course.

mainly because i've never seen him miss an armbar from the mount. I dunno how he does it :(