Whose Game Are You Studying Right Now?


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Aug 28, 2004
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Last year I was watching everything Fabricio Werdum did. I was paying some attention to Robert Drysdale after the ADCC win. But I must have watched Werdum's ADCC win over Matt Lindland 1,000 times in 2007.

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Lately, I've been spending entirely too much time rewatching Pe de Pano's 2003 Pan Am performance. But that's my problem. Whose game are you studying right now in order to make your game better?
I am watching mine ... and mine only . IT needs more work than marcelo's or pe de pano's or drysdales etc.
^Same here, I'm in no position to be focusing on anyone's game but my own.

Werdum took Matt to school!
Dave Camarillos books and dvds are helping me effectively implement my Judo into my BJJ. But, I'm still a White so I don't have a Game yet and I've been told I won't really be able to develop one until after a couple/few years.
Saulo's. I've been working on cleaning up my basic techs and I've been watching some of his competition footage plus his instructionals lately.
any olympic/college wrestling i can find, ive become to complacent on my back
my instructor's each and every night as he leads me down the bjj path. i then apply it to how i want to approach the sparring portion as i expanding my ever growing game on the mat.
I wish I understood this art enough to truly analyze someone's game. I have a hard enough time just keeping score when watching a match. I really couldnt analyze chess until I researched it enough, and was shown this is good, this is bad, by playing Chessmaster 10th edition. Then, the true beauty of the game was revealed to me. I found myself moved by the ideas of David Bronstein, Mikhail Tal, and Bobby Fischer as I was when I first heard a symphony. I really cant wait until that starts happening with BJJ. Right now all I can do is behold in child-like wonder.
A purple and a brown belt that i train with. One is a lot smaller than me and really flexible so can pull off a lot of stuff that i cant. However, he has a lot of great tips and tells me how to use his game to suit my body type.

The brown belt is the same build as me but is absolutely amazing. His control and tightness is out of this world and he knows how to use leverage better than any other student in the gym. We're both around 5"10, 72kg so not big guys.

I dont tend to watch what people do on vids so much as you can't question them to find out the details of what is happening.
dude this is a really good thread topic.

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I've always, I am and I will study Saulo. We have a similar build and play a similar game. I wish I have half of his stand-up game, but I have 2 herniated discs and even if I want to get close to this goal I can't train throws/td too hard.