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who uses the log for training


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Mar 11, 2007
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so im lucky enough to train at a gym that has two different logs(145lbs and a 190lbs)
im training 5,3,1 and for shoulders i do military press first then i use the lighter log to practice technique and form the work up to the bigger log.
i had a pretty awesome day today and set a new pr of five reps with the bigger log.
so who else is lucky enough to have a strongman log at there gym and how often do you use it?
I've used a much lighter log several times. It's a pretty cool variation for pressing and feels awesome when you finally get that shit over your head (I fail with it a lot).

I don't use it very often though because it doesn't fit with my current goals. You could check out easytNYgoon's log. He uses it for strongman training.
My gym has a 10", 60-lb unloaded log. Which is cool because almost anyone can use it. The log is probably my least favorite strongman event. Never got comfortable using it.

Do you know the actual size of the logs? You wouldn't think it would make a big difference but it does. I learned that the hard way. Trained with the 10" for a comp that was using a 12", didn't really think anything of it, figured I would be prepared. That 2" difference probably took 40-lbs off my 1RM. I bombed that event.
i dont know the actual measurements of the logs, there roughly the same size. the only difference is the size of the cut outs and the smaller log has one inch handles and the bigger log has 2 inch handles.
i think the log is one of my favourite exercises. some guys at my gym once in a while get the smaller log out but the bigger one normally only gets used by me. i know 190lbs isnt the impressive in strongman terms but im pretty please getting five up and down reps with it.
My friend has a 12" 90 lb log in his garage gym, I plan on starting to use it eventually once my shoulders are rehabbed and I exhaust a 5x5 OHP routine.
any tips on technique from my youtube video please?
anything i can improve on?
im gonna try and film me using the bigger log tomorrow and post it up
My gym just bought a bunch of bumper plates, olmpyic quality bars, logs, and lifting pads.
as promised i filmed myself today with the 90kg log
yes ive got fatter from my last video before you say anything

skip to about 45 seconds in for the lift to start
any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated
i want to try and get 120kg above my head this year
p.s. yes i know the music is terrible

my current shoulder workout is

warm up and shoulder mobility work
military press for 5,3,1
log lift
1 set with smaller red log to work the movement (maybe 5 reps)
1 or 2 practice sets with the black log (1 or 2 reps)
1 all out set with black log
work log cleans, so its from the floor to the chest then do a dip
today i did 1 set with 100kg for 3 reps
then 1 set of 3 reps with 110kg

5 x 10

lat pulldowns
5 x 10

tricep and bicep work
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any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated

I guess you could try holding the log higher on your chest when you lap it so you don't have to roll it as far during the clean.

It also looks like you wind up with your elbows pointing down right before you initiate the press, but if it works for you then it's probably no big deal. For me, I've found that pointing my elbows up as much as possible helps to drive the log back when I press it, which in turn helps me avoid being pulled forward as the log goes up.
thank you
i guess my form slips a little as it gets heavier
i will have to assess my elbows next week when i do the log again
i have to admit i cant front squat in the received position, i have to admit it with arms crossed. i guess its old fat immobility