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Who next for Todd Duffee?


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Jul 13, 2011
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Assuming he came away with no injuries, who should he fight next in the UFC?

I'd like to see him avenge his loss to Mike Russow, who is coming off a loss to Werdum.

His striking looked outstanding tonight. I thought he looked nervous before the fight and sapped of his strength in the grappling exchange, so he showed heart to get out of a sticky situation early on after eating a couple of hard shots.
Rematch with Russow would be good, or maybe Meathead. Duffee is incredibly underrated and Im sure tonights fight wont change that.
what about stipe miocic? or do we think miocic would fight a little higher level fighter after his loss to struve?
Meathead. It almost books itself.
Still some negatives from his fight.

He got taken down by a very lacklustre takedown......and punched in the face multiple times.

He shouldn't get too much of a step up.
Winner of Russow/Jordan. He needs to avenge that fluke against Russow!
Everyone I want to see him against is coming off a loss:icon_conf

Browne, Miocic, he could send Pee Wee off and give him his walking papers.

In a different thread I said Lavar/Scaub winner.
De Fries gassed in 2 minutes... :icon_neut

I'd like

Duffee vs Kongo
Duffee vs Barry
Duffee vs Struve/Hunt Loser
I was thinking Carwin. I know he's ranked far higher but neither are big on cardio and have big power. Shane hasn't fought much recently and could use a test. Like the Meathead idea though, didn't think of that
Some guys in other threads said Barry or Hunt. Either of those would be great but Duffy loses both I think.
Id like to see him vs Schaub/Lavar winner.
I would like to see a Russow rematch. That fight was crazy how Russow was just getting completely beat up the entire fight then out of nowhere BAM.
Some guys in other threads said Barry or Hunt. Either of those would be great but Duffy loses both I think.

I would think he beats Pat in that one. Besides the recent Shane fight Pat is good at about to win'ing then losing.

edit: On second thought, Todd was good at doing that too during his 1st UFC run lol...