Who is Japans best nogi grappler?


Too $hort

Really who is currently the best ?,did search a search and did a google and really could not get a clear anwser. I know shinya aoki is really good and know of a few others who are very good as well.
Daisuke Sugie is pretty good, Minoru Suzuki comes to mind also, and Okami gave Demian Maia hard fight at ADCC 07.
Shinya comes at people like a spider monkey, I love watching him grapple.
I gotta go with Shinya, but I was very impressed with Ishida on NYE, he isn't a submission machine, but he's a beast on the ground.
Isn't Yamamoto supposed to be a great wrestler too with his family and such? I thought he was going to the olympics for it.
sanae kikuta

I liked sanae kikuta a lot, and he was a very good judoka and a even better submission wrestler, but he is to much on lying and pray.
It's good for ADCC , but in mma i prefer grappler that finish the opponent (Aoki , Sato etc)
Shinya Aoki and Yushin Okami both competed in ADCC recently. For no gi, I'd say these guys are at the top of the list. I know Kikuta has competed previously in ADCC too.
Some of my favorites:

Sanae kikuta, Sakuraba, Yuki Nakai, Shinya Aoki, Minoru Suzuki, Rumina Sato, Gomi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Sakaia Shioda, Takefumi Hanai, Daisuke Sugie, Okami, Sudo, Uno, Yamamoto and his sister, Yoshida, etc.
of all time- sakuraba hands down
right now- although i think hes a major douchebag its gotta be shinya aoki