Who do you like better Dodson or MM?


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Oct 29, 2012
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Simple question, not who is the better fighter, but who you personally like better?
I like MM better, but i want Dodson to put him to sleep
There should be a "they're both tools" option
Dodson just seems like a weirdo. Haven't liked him since TUF.
I want Dodson to win but I suspect mm will.
Don't care for Dodson's personality, but I still would rather watch him than Mighty Mouse
i really like dodson the fighter. very exciting, creative stand up etc. i emphasize the word 'fighter'

because he annoyed me sooooo much on tuf. seriously, that stupid laugh just makes me cringe. it isnt funny, it isnt a 'hook', its just annoying. and so is he

regardless..... MM UD
I would pay extra to see Dodson take a massive beating.

MM is by far the superior human being, let's hope his fighting skills prevail also.
Dodson just seems like a weirdo. Haven't liked him since TUF.

Same. I think he needs to mature. His character was fine for getting attention, but now he has all the attention, he needs to calm down and be more humble and less attention seeking. The flips and attitude come off as very disrespectful to me.
don't like either personality-wise, but..

mm = boring and proud of it
dodson = entertaining and proud of it