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Jun 17, 2004
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Ive always read that an interval session would last 20 , 30 minutes.
But i was wondering , whats a good time of NET sprinting ? i mean , without counting the resting time

my invertal sessions are like this

6 min warm up
200m sprint , 1 min rest x 20 times
6 min cool down

so here , counting that i run the 200m in arround 30 segs , i would be sprinting a net 10 minutes , is this ok ?
That depends, do you feel fresh after the last interval or do you feel like a tired dog? If you still feel fresh and you can do more intervals at the same pace, then you should either increase the reps., increase the pace, decrease your R.I., or increase your interval distance. 10 minutes is pretty good if your HR is at 90% or above during each interval, but if you're at 75-80% it's just o.k.
so, let me get this straight

you can sprint 200m 20 times?

either your very fit or you aren't sprinting
Maybe with 10-20s break, but 1 min......fella, are you jogging?
Not your sprinting hard enough. Unless its a mod/easier sprint day..nothing wrong with those
Do them up stairs or Hills too
i'm doing 2x 5 mins of tabata sprints right now working on the 3rd 5 min rd w/ 40-45 sec rest in between rds and plan to go 4x 5 mins by the time my fight ( 2x 5 mins.) comes.
Something you guys might want to try is doing hillsprints on a hill that has some length to it. My conditioning has improved greatly and its even put some beef on my legs