When should i eat breakfast?


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Mar 13, 2005
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hrm sorry if this sounds like a silly question but im having problems sticking in breakfast. Problem is is that wrestling practices are in the morning for me starting at 7:15

Ive been trying to get stronger and eating a large breakfast seems to be the way to go but when i eat big before practice i dont feel so great and i have class after practice so i cant bring my meal into class. Should i wake up extremely early to eat and have cooldown time before practice or will my body eventually become accustomed to practicing on a full stomach if i do it enough?

any help would be appreciated thanks
wake and have a protein shake and something small eg. cereal. practice then finish off your breakfast after. i could never stomach big breakfast and training, and i would start at 6:00 with a jog.
I hear ya. Early morning workouts and proper nutrition can be really annoying. Before practices or training I never eat a significant amount of carbs - I tend to be susceptible to blood sugar crashes (of which the normal effect is the unexpected onset of disorientation, light headedness, and lethargy) amid practice. A slow digesting fat and protein meal that isn't "novel" and is alkaline in nature is best. Consuming this meal over an extended period of time seems to be key - I usually take up to an HOUR to finish my breakfast. If I have a morning training session, here's what I do:

1 whole egg, 1 cup egg white omlette filled with spinach
1 medium apple
3 fish oil capsules
1 serving whey/casein blend

I eat this from basically the first moment I'm awake til I head out the door, spreading it over about an hour. Generally the eggs I eat first, followed by the apple, and then I sip on the whey/casein blend and eat my fish oil caps on the way to the gym. I'll also take a thermogenic aid (I have mild hypothyroidism but not severe enough to necessitate medication, so I utilize a T3 stimulant in low dosage to make up for it) prior to eating any food in the morning. Also, HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! This is so important - most people have issues in the morning because of a lack of water. As a compulsive water drinker, I rarely go more than 5 minutes without drinking water.

I know that was a lot to swallow (hehe) but it took quite a deal of experimentation to figure that all out for myself. I find it works best, and by avoiding carbs and acidic foods (cheeses, heavy meats etc.) and focusing on alkaline vegetables and fruits, it keeps my stomach "settled" and gives me a lot of energy without risking a blood sugar crash.
oatmeal, or egg whites. or a combination of the two.

edit: actually i reread the first two posts. I have early practices on saturday, like around 7. Should i change my daily oatmeal routine to perhaps a protein shake an hr before like he stated?
Eat after your workout. Bring a protein drink or meal replacement drink to practice. Drink it on the way to class. Waste of time eating before Practice. Eating breakfast is overated.
When I have AM training, I'd go with a whey protein shake mixed with 1 tablespoon of heavy cream and some EFA oil...about 30 minutes before training. That's enough time for the aminos from the protein to get into your bloodstream and power your through your workout.
A posible solution is to buy a combined protein/carbohydrates box. Might be expensive, I'm not too familiar with the prices on such boxes. My uncle mixes a shake of 30 gram proteins and 65 gram of mixed carbohydrates and drinks it while driving to work. He says he can't eat in the morning, but by drinking the shake he gets satisfied.