when should i do burpees and



the endurance "test" that the TUF fighters did? Ok running should be done at the end of the workout (IIRC) but how about burpees? Whats a good way to get started on burpees? I tried looking it up but there seems to be no "burpees for dummies" thread :redface:... So plz don't be mad at me if this has been answered. For the endurance run I plan on starting with 25 min of 4 5 6 7 8 mph at 5 min each. IF that's too much i will do 4 5 6 7. does it sound ok? It's because i have two weeks untill i get into better shape.
Ross always has some cool articles. He knows his stuff well.

Burpees are a great thing. I usually do them a few times a week when I get home from BJJ. I have a chance to rest up but I still have energy.
one of the times that burpees are the most fun or least depending on how you look at it is right before you roll or right after you roll.
One thing I have found is that I need a day or two between burpee sessions. About a month ago I was going 5 days a week without progressing at all and I was beginning to hate burpees altogether. I dropped down to 3 days a week and find that I progress much more, that and I feel far more energized after I do them rather than feeling trashed like before.