Whats Your Stance?



How do you stand. Personally I prefer to leave myself open almost entirely. Hands at my sides, if you can picture it. I find that taking a punch allows you to deal out so much more. This may also just be from the fact that I don't start fights unless I'm very, very angry which is unusual. Anyways just wondering about others stances and your take on mine. :icon_lol:
Horse stance. For long periods of time.

When in Japan and using a squatter, the doodoo stance. Its a must.
Are you serious? Ha, I would luv to see you fight someone with a good punch.

Anyways, Im southpaw.
I'm naturally a southpaw but I can switch to orthodox and not really lose a step
When I did Jun Fan/JKD I switched between lefty/righty a lot. Now I pretty much stick with a orthodox stance: chin tucked, shoulders up, squared hips and shoulders, hunched over, kinda on the balls of my feet.

I know some guys who keep their guard down and take shots to get fired up or to set up counters. I personally try to take as few punches as possible.
It's changed a lot over time. (Mostly because I've shifted between martial arts quite a bit.)

Currently, I've found the best stance, is the one I learned from Bas Rutten's Big Book of Combat Volume 1. It somewhat resembles the forward stance that you take in karate when throwing a punch (but a little less exaggerated). Both your toes are pointing forward, your back heel is off the floor, and your front leg is bent somewhat more than your back leg. You're completely squared off to your opponent.

The small change I've made to it is that I keep my elbows a little closer to my body than Bas does. But either way, this stance looks a little awkward at first, but actually it's worked better for me in MMA and Stand Up sparring than any other stance. It gives you way more power in your lead hand, and it helps a lot with kick defense.

The only time my stance changes is when I'm in boxing range. Sometimes to throw my opponent off, I move in to the boxing-only range, and I use the hunchback stance as taught by Rodney King from the Straight Blast Gym. You roll your shoulders forward, hunch your back, and keep your gloves on your head. It makes you really difficult to hit, and it really upsets your opponent when you keep throwing hooks and uppercuts at him while he can barely get a good shot in.
south paw in boxing with a style similar to gatti which is taking shots to my face more then ever. but uhh in mma im orthadox with a style like rampage
I stand a bit square to the target with gloves pretty high on the face with traps up a bit hunchback
the bas and sbg method I guess

so to the author of the thread....do you have a Sakuraba stance????
Experienced boxers look at my stance and laugh they say my punches are too wide ofcourse im a begginer but i had a sparring match against a guy that took tkd for a year and the people that watched said i won. Ofcourse it was only a sparring match. I think my fighting style is kinda like the irish where they lean back with their hands way out in front.
Ugh. Man, getting your stance right is the most important thing you can do. These weird stances will get you ruined. Hands up, chin down. That's the most important thing you can know in all of striking.

The way the first poster talked, it seems like he was talking about streetfights. That's great, but when you run into somebody who can throw a true left hook or 1/2, you will be seeing stars from the point the very first punch lands.

Oh and leaning back sucks, you will have no power, no mobility, and no chin from that position. You can do a sway occasionally as defense, but you shouldn't be fighting while leaning back. If you see somebody doing that, you know you can come straight in at them and bomb them out without much risk.
If you ever have seen Shogun versus Babalau...I stand like Shogun did in that fight. Feet close together so I can deliver kicks quickly.

And when I watched Babalau take Shogun down at will I realized that, while the stance is good for standup, it is not good for takedown defense. Shogun had a pretty good ground game, which saved him, but my favorite stance pretty much sucks for MMA...
i tend to stick with the tradition Muay Thai style now (Kun Chung) but then sometimes I switch it up by going to a JKD style stance. but i only ever do that if im dont particularly bad against an opponent
Dude ... put your hands up or you'll regret it. Unless your as fast as PBF.

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