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Whats Your Most Nerdy Thing About You?


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Feb 19, 2004
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I know this is the G&E forum, but I wanted to hear from the guys who actually train, name one thing about you most people don't know or classifies you as maybe nerdy or anything funny. I need a good laugh this late at night. I will start off and probably catch alot of grief for admitting this, but I actually like to train to Ashlee Simpson Music, along with other tracks that aren't so nerdy. Weird I know I need to be examined, but it gets me pumped for some odd reason :eek: :redface:
i wear Tae Bo gloves, with duck tape covering the part that reads, "Tae Bo"
LoL, good stuff. We need more. I would especially love to hear from ppl who also have stores like RON! :D You training in your Pink Power Rangers Suit isn't so bad :p lol
well, whats not weird about the foz.

he wants a pink gi,

he has no colour co-ordination. died orange hair, blue sprawl rash guard, black shorts, black shoes.

has been called "copper head" and told I will "be struck by lightning" -.-;

ummm, I'm a HW who likes to throw down moves a LW would do... i.e. I tried a flying armbar, and subsequently kicked my opponent in the head with my shin. rofl.

nerdy nerdy... ummm hmmm.......... yeh thats about it, though most are just little facts, rather than nerdy points.

I mess up alot when I see chicks when I train or spar. I train to old techno and trance music from back into 2000 and up. I wear low rise red briefs to training.
You know, Clamp I also enjoy some Techno while lifting.
I know alot of people do but I still listen to the same cds form like 6-7 years ago. Darude anyone?
WANDERLEI SILVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sandstorm is a good song.
It's surprising how much of one's attention can be dedicated to one subject/topic, and yet, one will still be able to rattle off facts or enter into conversations about things that are completely unrelated.

I suppose giving an example of this would better illustrate this: having devoted the past 4 - 5 years to MMA, I'm surprised at how much I can still talk about video games, film and animation (from both the West and Japan), and to a degree, comics.

Like, I'll go to film festivals or a book store, and I can totally geek out with people who are devout film fans or comic fans, and they'll end up leaving with this impression of me being a comic/film buff when all that I really follow these days is MMA. :p

Strange, but kind of cool, I guess. I guess it proves that I *can* pay attention to more than one thing at a time... :eek:
I talk like a rat on crack (really fast), I stutter when I get super excited, I cus like crazy, I like classical music and I have a BA in music.

LoL, would've been better Ron if you said you played the Flute too :p
i go on Sherdog and talk mma with you fuckers. :)
I'm damn proud of it too.
I stutter when im excited, I play video games in my free time, i would rather stay at home and smoke pot and play video games then go to a club any time. Mostly Call of Duty

Somepeople think jiu jitsu is dorky... i train 4-6 times a week and love it.

I do the robot

i have around 100 tshits but for some reason i only wear the same 5-7 of them.

I have the same book sitting on my night stand from over a year ago and i have never even opened it. Makes me feel intelectual that i keep a book by my bed i guess. Girls always ask me how good the book is and i bullshit them just as much as i have to get them in my bedroom in the first place.
probably the fact that i sit on sherdog everytime i'm not training or hitting the weed pipe,
I have a bunch of Marvel Legends toys on my walls and stereo unit.
Thiis is quickly be becoming the Uber awesome like OMGod thread! Let's keep it going. I want someone to admit they look like bob sapp and collect pink teddy bears. Looks your way FOZ.
I have those gundam model kits sitting on my desk. And uhh, I train to techno too Champ! Sandstorm is awesome, track 14, the uhhh mix of out of control...that's just whoa. Hhhhmmm.........I was ranked in the top like 400 on Tribes 2 back in the day when I played comp games a lot. Yeah... Anyways. Peace
Superbeast said:
I have a bunch of Marvel Legends toys on my walls and stereo unit.

Ha!!!!!! We have a winner!!!!

Man I wouldn't know where to start. Any guy that thinks there is nothing dorky about him is a tool and probably never has any fun.

1. I read books for about 2 hours every day.
2. I love the Matrix and the Lord of the Rings movies (and the books of the latter)
3. I smoke (not cigs...just the healthy stuff)
4. I'm into old school video games.
5. I love NPR

OK I better stop...but you guys get the idea.