What's up with Kid Diamond?


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Mar 5, 2007
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He hasn't fought since that horrible decision over Huerta almost 11 months ago, and according to Boxrec he's got nothing scheduled. This is after having been fairly busy since his pro debut in 2001. Considering that he's not so young anymore at 31, this inactivity is puzzling. Managerial troubles, maybe?
I like Diamond. He's a good fighter, just a limited one. Unfortunately, he's probably going to best be remembered for helping make Nate Campbell look like he could fight.
I heard his old manager say that after the Casamayor fight he let the new found attention go to his head and started partying heavily. Which probably contributed to Nate Campbell handing him a hefty beating.
Nice aggression, but limited boxing technique got him schooled by Nate Campbell. Fight was a technical mismatch. Sick beating.
It was even more of technical mismatch when he fought Casamayor, and a lot of people thought he won that fight.

Something was definitely missing against Campbell. That and the fact that other than the Diaz fight, that's probably the best I've seen Nate look.