whats the latest on GRacie BArra Lake Forest?


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Nov 12, 2003
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Whats the latest plans? they went to costa mesa, are they comming back to L.F.??
Does anyone here roll there??? thanks
Message from Feitosa on another message board:

Things were pretty crazy over here in Lake Forest these past few weeks,
to say the very least, but after all the support I received from so
much of the Jiu-Jitsu community, I'd like to take this opportunity to
say a few words to everybody:

First and foremost, we DID NOT go back to Brazil! If anything, the
events which happened have only strengthened our resolve and given us
more energy to continue representing our family here. We received so
much support from our students, that it gave us all of the motivation
and strength to overcome any of the obstacles in our path. Although we
have only been here teaching for a short time, it was so inspiring and
humbling to find that when we needed it the most, we had a family here
ready to stand beside us.

No Jiu-Jitsu school is locked inside any building; Gracie Barra is no
different. The "school" is wherever the people who love it and stand
for common goals get together to exercise the philosophy and skills
taught to us by Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

I just wanted to let you know that our new location is: 23 Spectrum Pointe Drive
Suite 205
Lake Forest , CA 92630

Take care!
Ya man, its sad how that guy fucked him and Carlos over like that. BIG fuck up for that guy..Marcio will just come back with a stronger and better school in the end. and the guy that fired them wont benefit from it..I hope :)
should i take of the patch i was given by the "guy" that did the wrong to them?
how is the general consent about it?
i hate to go to a school somewhere and get attacked about the bjjtapes patch that covers the entire backof one of my gis
As with all disputes, the "bad guy" in all of this depends upon your perspective.