whats a good dvd to buy


Jul 2, 2005
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what is a good dvd i can buy that i can watch how some good standup striking works, i have no training experience and i know i cant learn off just a dvd like ufc ## whatever or something, but what is a good dvd to buy ,
Try some of the Bas Rutten DVD's, you can find them if you look around. Also Vitor Belfort's got a DVD. But you cant learn from a DVD like you can from a real trainer.
are those more of the instructional videos or are they like a dvd from a certain event
Bas Rutten's DVD sets are great for MMA. Rodney King from straight blast gym also has some great videos for standup fighting.
would u say i can learn anything from watching dvds of certain ufc / k1 / pride events? how would that be compared to watching instructionals... and what are some examples of dvds of events
Best standup DVD is bar none BAS RUTTEN extreme pancracse volume 1, its great! He goes into everything about standup.
Beginners arent going to learn much from just watching fights. But if you want to try, your best bet would probably be to get Bas Ruttens Big Book of Combat DVDs and his Career DVDs. Combined you might be able to learn some stuff.

I also think the Rodney King SBG stuff especially Sparring 101 is a good place to start.
You can Bas Rutten's pancrase striking dvds off www.centuryfitness.com just click media then extreme, Pat Militech's dvds on striking are also recommended. Also, you can click muay thai to get dvds from Rob Kaman, Duane Ludwig, & others. Also, you can check out the boxing section too for Steve Hurley's dvds.
thanks for the replies, i saw vitor belfort in a video and i might get his dvd if i can find it at borders haha

are the bas rutten dvds concentrated on one thing like hands? or is it striking in overall. i read about the vitor videos on how its all on hands in another post
Go to the website I listed, and click media then vale tudo it has Vitor's vale tudo set and Bas shows all around striking on his series.