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Dec 25, 2003
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well heres a program i think im going to order cuz i need a more massive chest:

im still looking for a masive bicep program but ill start here. what do you guys think?????? im like 6' and 125 pounds. ive tried everything under the sun but my chest and biceps are still small. help????????
i forgot to mention that the program calls for training chest 6 days a week. theres also squats and back involved, but i dont think ill do that cuz i dont need a bigger back, just a bigger chest. and squats are hard.
dood, if you kept repeating that program, you could gain over 18 inches on your chest per year! You would be HYOOOOGE! I say go for it. but don't tell anyone or they'll know your secret and then EVERYONE will be HYOOOOGE. Do you want me to delete this thread for you?
You know what really kicked my pecs/delts/tri's into high gear? repping four plates.
Yeah, I just did squats all the time, then had my asscheeks surgically removed and transplanted on my chest. Only this is...everytime i take a shit, my nipples get dirty.
My ass cheeks are HOOOOGE, anyone want to see pics?
dude, in like, 5 years, ill have added 97 inches to my chest. how can you beat that?

Get some, pussies!
I just read a good number of paragraphs from that site and it is indeed funny. I won't quote any here, you ahve the link, go read it for a laugh. It is so ver written and filled with overdone hiperbole that it is ridiculous.

I would also bet money that the customer emails at the bottom (just scroll down, no one should be able to read all the way to the bottom and retain theri sanity) are faked and written by the company selling it. The voice is identical.
The best thing I learned to get my chest huge was by improving my bench strength.
That program looks like it really works the upper pecs but I want to work the lower pecs. I would probably need to modify that routine.
This thread causes me to vacillate between paroxysms of laughter and depression.

I'll drink a glass of warm milk when Urban has his fill and sends it to the wasteland.