What Strategy should Cowboy use vs Conor McGregor?

It doesn’t matter because most likely Cowboy will get pressured early on and fold. Whether he’s in danger or not, I don’t see him doing anything else but trying to trade hand for hand with Conor.

Hope I’m wrong.
Use his size and try to tire Conor out

Cerrone is a go with the flow fighter tho and typically lets his opponent dictate the fight
Cowboy is a good soldier and he'll use the strategy he's been told to use.
Scream in holy terror while backing up, throw a shitty arm punch from fear, and crack MacDougal on the chin for the lights out. After the fight, Bas Rutten criticizes Conor for moving forward.
Probably bank on his endurance and be careful of counter punches.
Wrestle early. Try to wear him down. Mix up kicks. It's muy thai vs a Karate stance+Boxing. If he doesent wear him down fast. He may get obliterated. Cowboy is tough though.
Kick the legs and body, mix in takedowns, wait for Conor to tire out and hopefully not get ko'd in the process.
Use all his tools. Cowboys being underrated badly. If you look at his record he has fought many more accomplished guys than McGregor has. He has more tools and is bigger. He should be the favorite in this match.
Low kick to Conor knee and retire him for ever
There is a very good strategy for Cerrone to win, but I've never seen him do it to anyone so I doubt he'll do it here. He's taller, a much better kicker, better in the clinch and a shitty boxer, so he should obviously keep the fight at kicking range with teeps, front kicks and knee stomps, and clinch him as soon as they get into punching range and work knees or maybe a TD if he can, then about halfway through the 2nd round when Conor starts slowing and trying to block the front kicks, throw in some high kicks that should be open, profit. That's basically what Jones has done to everyone his entire career with the exact same physical advantages Cerrone has here.

Who's the last decent kicker Conor has faced besides Aldo who didn't get to throw any kicks? Max Holloway 7 years ago before he even had a coach? Cowboy almost never uses front kicks, I don't even know if he knows how to oblique kick and doesn't seem that great at keeping it outside punching range to use his kicks, but that's the obvious gameplan for a taller kicker to beat a shorter puncher.
Get body kicked and crumple slowly while holding his liver and grimacing, then protest the stoppage.
Enjoy the silky feel of the red panties and then move on with his life.
Weather the storm in the first 2 rounds, leg kicks and move, let McGregor tire himself.
The 2 first rounds will be very dangerous for Cowboy

That's a winnable fight though imo, but he'll need the performance of his life and will need to be ready to "die" in the octagon.
what worries me most about cowboy vs conor, is cowboys lack of head movement and Conor's precision with his hands. I know it's a simple evaluation of the match, but I think it could be "that simple".
#1 ) Don't Throw any right hand punches unless it's the 3rd round.

#2) Don't Throw any right hand punches unless it's the 3rd round.

#3) Use Teeps, side kicks and oblique kicks as your long range "Jab".

#4) Don't overreact to Conor's bullcrap kicks used to mask the straight left hand

#5) Remember Conor uses a left uppercut to change things up.