What kind of shin guards to get: traditional, lightweight, very light?


Dec 6, 2002
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I'm getting muay thai shinguards and wanted to know why I should get:


Pro style(thinner/lighter weight

or even lighter pro style: (edit, these ARE NOT lighter, they are heavier and thicker than the Windy's)

lighter shin guards will protect my shins or my sparring partner as well?

will they be better because I will get the benefit of feeling impact a bit more therefore conditioning my shins a bit more?

what are the pros and cons of heavier to lighter shin guards>?
Do not go with the stand shin guard, i have a pair just like those windy ones and there absolute garbage. Im actully planning o order those Fairtex shinguard those exact ones i hear good things about them.
go with the lightest ones possible i would imagine cause you dont want to baby your shins to much and they protect you more then enough.
Go for Fairtex SP3s or Twins SGL-3. They are light weight, durable and offer adequate protection.
I have both the Windy pro and the Fairtex pro, both size Large...

the Fairtex have lots of heavy pillow type padding on the back(shin surface) compared to the Windy backing which is just canvas. The Windy's appear to only have the shell and no padding behind it.

The Windy's are much lighter and I hit myself with them on and the windy allowed me to feel some of the impact, the Fairtex didn't let me feel a thing.

The Fairtex go up farther into the knee area (longer shin guards), the Windy's stay pretty low on the shin (shorter shin guards).

The Fairtex's extra backining padding keeps me from closing the hook and Loop closures in the back since my legs seem to stick out from behind more with all the padding.

The Fairtex do have better quality stitching.

I already sold the Windy's through Ebay while the Fairtex where in the mail thinking that I would like the Fairtex more but after trying them on side by side, I dunno If I should re-sell the Fairtex and go back to buying another pair of Windy's , maybe in XL since even the Large Windy's fit me a bit small in the Velcro length department but not as much as the fairtex which were a bit hard to close.

I weigh about 200 lbs 5'10" with HUGE calves so I might just need to go with XL Windy's to fix the problem, hope that they aren't so long though.

I'll have pictures up soon.
I'm ordering the Windy Pro style as well, from CagesideMMA.com. I like the shorter length of the shinguards compared to the Fairtex pro style, but I had to go with XL too. I'm another guy that's over 200 lbs with huge calves.
Go for Fairtex SP3s or Twins SGL-3. They are light weight, durable and offer adequate protection.

You sell shinguards from King as well. How would you compare those to the above mentioned? I've been considering the Kings, but you always seem to recommend the other two...
Between the ones you stated i would go for windy pro style. I have these and have used the others mentioned but since then i have found a better pair. The KING Professional shin guards they are thicker than the windy pro style but not as thick as the traditional and are so comfortable. They are longer and the style is badass available in loads of colours. I got mine from John at fightstuff he recommended them and said they are the best on the market and i definitley agree
Nice, thanks for the pics. I definitely made the right choice getting the Windys.

Damn bro, what's your calf size?
I tried on the Windy pro style for MMA training and they were great. I've never used the CSI grappling shinguards but they worked a hell of a lot better than the muay thai shins I had.
Nice, thanks for the pics. I definitely made the right choice getting the Windys.

Damn bro, what's your calf size?

no doubt, 16.5 inches around, I'm kinda slim actually for 200 lbs, look much lighter like 180

XL is the way to go I think, the Kings look cool too but Very expensive
Those are great pictures... thanks for sharing.

Still curious about those Kings though :D They look great, and where I'm looking they cost about the same as Fairtex and Twins.
yah, I'm selling my Fairtex's on eBay, I don't like em
What about the "sliding" factor? I have the "Thais Mai" shin guards which are great in every way except for one major problem: they slide on me a lot during the round. I assume the reason is because they are leather on the inside too, which makes them more slippery. But they do have a buckle that allows you to make the straps real tight. I see that the Fairtex and Windys also have a buckle, but not the Kings.

So how are the Kings, Windy and Fairtex as far as sliding around? Especially wondering how the Kings are with sliding since they don't have a buckle.