What kind of gun to buY?


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Jun 9, 2002
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seeing as there are a disproportionate number of sick fucks in this world, I will be purchasing a handgun soon.

What brand/make/model do u guys recommend?

1) it will be carried with me (concealed carry permit)

2) I've never owned any guns before...

3) Don't want to drop over $400
dude, invest in a SigSauer. Around 600 and you will not be disappointed, period. Go with a 40 cal, shit the Spec Ops use SOg as their preffered handgun of choice, followed by Berreta.
a big and quiet one
I would go with the Kimber Custom II 1911 .45acp. This gun is accurate as fuck and has tons of power. Expensive however.
I would go for a musket, a big wide brimmed hat with a fucking feather in it.....
do you want a pea shooter or a real gun?

under 400 your getting a POS

I would go with a D E .50cal
might as well get a .357 IJS. its a much hotter round.

most bang for the buck is a .45 acp. kinetic energy is what its all about. you'll drop a meth-head with a shot to the arm if you fire a .45

.22 pistols can mess people up too. a .22 will enter a person and bounce all around and tear shit up and stick to bone. it may not drop a determined foe but it WILL fuck his world up.
this is my rifle this is my gun
Sig Sauer .40 cal handgun, matte finish, 40 cal is in between the 45 and the 357. All around the best cartridge, and brokennose is right, Kimber is SWEEET. Expensive though.
Insane, under 400$ and your getting a POS??? thats the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard- and why in the hell would anyone would buy a D.E. 50? thats one of the most impracticle guns to get

Ruger makes good handguns to buy, if thats what your interested in, you can get a nice .40 by ruger
If you buy an american gun the price will be lower then a european gun- if you dont want a pistol get a mossberg pump for about $200
he is talking handguns not shot guns I have had many under 400 handguns that just Jam all the time
Ya hes talking about a carry gun, I didn't read most his post- mistake on my part

but for a carry gun a .50 DE would be the worst choice