What is the best brand for MMA gloves?


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Oct 19, 2007
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Topic. I want them for training. I'm going to start going to an MMA school today.
If money is not a huge concern I would go with Fairtex. If you are on a budget definitely go with Truth.
For training, an;t go wrong with the truth, cageside or combat sports mma training glove

for competition, primetime is the best.

How much are you willing to spend?
I think the best brand of gloves and training gear is Combat Sports. The have they best gloves and gear for every aspect of training.
for competition, primetime is the best.

Primetimes run a bit small on their sizing charts. I've got them and going off the size chart they fit my hands barely and there is no way on earth I can put handwraps on beneath them.

Also these are definetly not going to make you any friends if you use them to train. The padding is stiff and moved back a bit off the knuckles. Like the BabyPhenom says for comp thats fine, but not for training with partners.
I've never been disappointed with the quality of Fairtex, but you pay for it.
i love my combat sports gloves for training. inexpensive & great quality..
Has anyone tried the new cageside mma training gloves? I did a quick look through the reviews and didn't see one. They look like they would be very good quality gloves but I was just wondering if anyone actually has any experience with them.
Combat Sports has been my first choice for years.
My favorites are these Fairtex gloves.

They are not much more than the Combat Sports but those are good too.
These tend to be very popular.
I have some of the title clones of the CSI MMA training gloves, they are very comfy and well padded, but the leather has acquired quite a few nicks now, not sure where from. The Truths on the other hand are in good condition, but the foam is still insanely hard, but i haven't used them regularly (hurts my hand!).

My friend has the top contender moulded foam gloves, and it's not bad being on the receiving end of those
I like my combat sports gloves alot better than most except those hayabusa's
The Everlast MMA Gloves are uncomfortable and stiff (Used leather ones, not synthetic). I just ordered a pair of combat sports extra padded ones. They fit a little tight (Large was too small, Order a size up if in question). They seem good quality, but I need to try a few new brands for accurate comparisons.