What if Overeem Loses - Who Should Cain Fight Next?


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Jan 25, 2012
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I know that JDS has been lobbying for a trilogy fight, but the consensus seems to be that he needs at least one fight (and preferably against a wrestler) before that happens.

Dana did mention that Werdum may get the shot if he beats Big Nog, but that fight is something like 5 months away, which means that if Werdum does win, he'll likely fight Cain late fall/early winter, which I feel is too long of a wait.

Struve is fighting Hunt, and while each guy is on a streak, it could be argued that neither has beaten a Top 10 guy (of course, you could argue that rankings are meaningless, but I'm talking about quality vs quantity of opponents).

Cormier said that he's not fighting Cain, and has already called out Mir (speaking of Mir, where is he, and how ironic/improbably would it be if they put him against Cain, as was supposed to be the case at 146).

Bigfoot was badly bloodied by Cain in their fight, and it was less than a year ago - although I don't think this is a marketable match-up, the Zuffa PR department can certainly go into overdrive with all the Bigfoot-Fedor footage, and hype this fight up.

Not too many choices are left (Nelson, Carwin, etc) - what do you guys think? I anticipate a few responses like "Overeem is going to win, so it's not an issue", but I appreciate any and all feedback.
Werdum or Cormier (he wont fight him). Other than that I don't really see anyone else giving him any trouble since JDS wont fight him for a while.
Good question cause Bigfoot will not get a title shot if he beats Overeem cause of the beating Cain put on him, so the UFC must be hoping for a Overeem win.
I would say Werdum as well, and I can see him pulling out the upset in that match. All this means nothing because Overeem will KO/TKO Bigfoot.
theres a reason they gave werdum a certain win in his next fight.
werdum will be the most likely candidate. And if JDS beats his next opponent a rematch will be in the future.
hunt if he wins or werdum when he wins.
Bigfoot if he finishes Overeem

UFC can just say he's just blooded and can't see from the first with Cain, and it's on.

Werdum fight is interesting too
I guess this depends on Cain. If he's willing to sit around for a whole year to fight Werdum then I guess that will be the fight.

If Overeem does lose though, and Cain wants a fight around spring/summer, then I don't really see an issue with Cain vs Nelson, if it's on a really stacked PPV or Fox. Nelson hits hard enough to knock Cain out and has solid BJJ. I'd take Cain in a decision victory because of his speed and cardio, but it still it can be a fun fight.

Of course I see Overeem winning this fight against Big Foot, so this is all just wild speculation.
They should have a round robin with Cheatereem, JDS, Cain, Wedum and maybe a few more guys, maybe Cormier, and Barnett
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it should be werdum, cormier or hunt/struve winner
I love how Cormier already said he wouldn't fight Cain and people in this thread are still parroting his name.
Overeem fights loser of Struve vs. Hunt
JDS fights Big Foot

Cain fights Struve vs. Hunt winner or Cormier

Werdum beats Nog and faces HW Champ

if he fought Cormier, he'll fight the fighter coming out of this bout:
Struve vs. Hunt winner vs. JDS vs. Big Foot winner for #1 contender

How I see it going if Overeem were to lose
Cain vs. JDS
Overeem vs.Bigfoot
Hunt vs. Struve (#1 contender)

Cain vs. Hunt (championship)
Big Nog vs. Werdum
JDS vs. Bigfoot
Overeem vs. Struve

Cain vs. Werdum (championship)
JDS vs. Overeem (#1 contender)
Struve vs. Bigfoot

Werdum vs. Overeem(championship)
Cain vs. JDS (#1 contender)
Bigfoot vs. Hunt

Werdum vs. JDS (championship)
Cain vs. Jones

I don't see him losing in any scenario, maybe if he slips in bigfoot's blood and knocks himself out.
What a stupid question TS. The answer is pretty obvious, it will be Chael Sonnen of course!