What happened to the instructional review thread


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Dec 10, 2002
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It used to be in this forum and not it is not here anymore. I really liked that thread, as it really broke everything down and gave you a good base to start searching for stuff, no matter what it was you were interested in. Anyone know anything about it.
All I know is that for ground instruction you an't go wrong wiht Mario Sperry's vale tudo set 1-3. I have only seen 1 and 2 but they were fantastic. Lots of material covered. I need to get dvd versions cause vhs sucks balls.

I have the new Bas Rutten's and they are decent; more of a syllabus of moves rather than a cohesive strategy like Sperry's. The stand up is very good on the Bas though.
the thread just disappeared- where is milkmandan these days.

bas rutten, mario sperry best for vale tudo
For BJJ beginners: Gracie/Kukuk, Carvarlho, or Rorion Gracie series

BJJ General: Saulo Ribeiro or Sperry

Vale Tudo/MMA: Bas Rutten or Sperry