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what do you guys think of this article?

Good article for people getting started. One mistake I think a lot of trainers make is that they take someone who doesn't work out and wants to get in shape and then they push push push them to the breaking point at the very first time- happens on tv a lot.

IMO that's the worst thing you can do since they can't handle it and it makes them feel miserable and of course that would turn them off to working out. Now if you take someone who's in shape and give them a hard workout, the harder the better.

Same for eating, you can't just take a fat person and do a complete 180 on there diet. They'd hate it and go immediatly back to there regular diet.

If you're starting off you've gotta take it step-by-step which is exactly what the article suggests. But of course if you're a runner or someone who's already in shape, there's no reason to stop and walk unless you're dong sprints.
Yeah thats exactly my position. I workout, but only with weights. I havent done cardio in a decade and altough in appearance i look in shape my lungs are that of an obese person.

but is the article misleading? Can someone really do a few miles in a few months? I gasped when i read the article, which made me feel a little tired after.
I know a few people who used this exact plan and got good results. Obviously it's designed for someone who hasn't been active in years and is looking to start a running program. If you follow this you will be able to run a 5K non-stop, if that's your goal.