What are ur favorite ways to setup a sweep


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Jun 25, 2003
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against a larger opponent?

I want to practice my sweeps from guard but what are some of ur fav ways to get him off balance to setup the sweep? I was thinking about keeping distance and let him come to u and maybe use a push sweep. I try to butterfly sweep but I feel he needs to be off balance first.
BabyPhenom said:
what sweep in particular?

Just give me any that works best for u. I want to know ways to off balance the guy and know some high percentage sweeps that works against bigger guys. I know ppl have preferences but still there has to be weakness that come with certain body types.
Well in the case of a scissor sweep I like to pull their arm over me as if I'm trying to get their body completely on my within my guard. If they stay back, which they usually won't as they worry for their arm & balance you can shit up for the scissor. If they try to pull back this gives you momentum to sweep em I find.
The hook sweep is my favourite, but I can't always do it. My highest percentage sweep is this x-guard variation where I hold one his legs with around my head, and the I drive my knees into the thigh his other leg while pulling on the foot with my free hand. Garcia does it. Sorry for the lousy explanation.
My favorite way to set up sweeps is from half guard....( if i have the persons right leg trapped ) i reach with my left hand to their left lapell....get a nice deep grip. then i take my right hand and reach through to their left leg.....then i roll to my left and use the collar grip and leg to throw them off balance...sets up mulitple sweeps....you can keep taking htem over if the dont base out...if they baset out you can grab the arm thats basing out with the hand that was on the collar....if you throw them hard and they base out you can cut the corner real quick and take their back...love that set-up
I have alot of sucess with the neck crank turnover/hip heist combo with big guys.
You wanna off balance a bigger guy spider guard is good. De La Riva is good too, but with larger guys I'm more likely to go to the back than get a sweep.
i would get the underhooks, get butterfly, then "kick" my legs forward so i can create some distance and momentum to get up... then i would trip him and get top guard or maybe even sidemount.
Posted in another thread:

#1. When they're in your guard, push them away with your feet on their hips, knees, shins, etc. Do the egg beaters and push them away.
#2. If they somehow start to get close, then shift to a TIGHT closed guard and don't let them move unless you can shift back to #1.
#3. During the transitions between #1 and #2 don't even think about triangle or arm bar (for now). Think only about sweeps. Especially the elevator sweep.

The elevator sweep has been high percentage for me against bigger guys.
I set it up by trying to get them to stand up and lean over me. I'm constantly scooting under them, and I entice them to try to stack (something big guys like to do). It's tough, but you may be able to shift your hips a bit and get under them, and pop them up into and elevator sweep.
When pulled off correctly your training partner will feel like he's been thrown with a judo TOMOE NAGE.