WEIGHTGAIN/pain in legs


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Apr 14, 2005
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i used to be real skinny, 6'1 and like 140... over the last 4 years ive gone up to 200lbs... and damn i feel hella clumpsy... and my ankles and shins hurt after any cardio or sport activity... anyone else have experienced this? and i wanted to go up to 220 but 20lbs more would probably be the end of my ankels

anyone else that have gained muscular weight experienced this??? or am i just a weak fucker that was ment to be weak for all time

and some of you will probably say yeah rapid weight gain put a lot of pressure on tendons, ligaments and bone... but it have not been a rapid gain... it took 4 years so my body should be used to this now i would like to think... but nope
if it's joint pain then yes your joins just can't handle the exra wieght and you may want to thing about dropping some. If it's muscle pain, just do what pains you more often and your body will adapt.
no it is in the ankle bones... like i feel im to heavy for my bones... heard to explain...

and the funny thing is im only 200lbs... im not even big
Ankles are tricky like that. I went up to 220 at one point and running was hard on my knees and joints, I think it also had something to do with the amount of squatting and lifting I was doing. What kind of cardio are you doing? How often? I used to run track in HS, but once I got over 200 lbs I was really sore from running 3 miles or more no matter what.
I've grown from about 168 @ 18yrs, to about 255 now (23yrs + 6'2).

I play alot of tennis on hard surface, and every so often i get pains in my shins...my friend says it's a compound injury called 'shin splints'
It isnt really anything to worry about, so long as its not a continous pain, but you can't do anything about i dont think.

btw, i've put on so much weight due to weight training - not for super-sizing at McD's.!!
yeah ive had shin splints lots of times... but this is a different kind of pain.

Nice gain btw Sir_didymus