weighted cardio



any thoughts on doing weighted cardio, ie sledgehammer training, high rep squats 20+,
bears (dead, to clean, to front squat, to press, to overhead squat, to front squat, back to dead) and such for a high intensity brief cardio routine, benifit vs risks, and how does it differ from sprints or high intensity cardio w/out weight. THANKS
Every third leg workout I do 6 sets of 20rep squats. Find a wieght that you can just barely get 20reps on your first set, and then do 6 sets. It cripples me.
I often do 10 minute drills with a heavy tyre (tire) or 10 minute drills with a heavy sandbag, or bear crawling drills or stand up sparring with a weightvest on. Some times I'll do high rep (50rep) squats sets.

Obviously, I can't lift really heavy on these type of drills but I find it to be a little more sports specific than just doing heavy lifts in the gym in a perfect (or at least well set up) environment. The sandbag and tyre are great because by the time I get to the 4th minute I'm sweating heavily and starting to breath heavily, and its a similar stamina required to finish a fight. While I still do some LSD cardio such as road running I am more concerned with putting as much effort as I can into a 10 or 15 minute time period because thats the length of most organisations fights last. I have had good results doing these type of drills and tabata intervals in the same week (not one after the other though).
i keep my weight lifting sessions short 30-40 min excluding warmup would doing 10 -15 min of high intensity weighted cardio help or hurt, btw my current goal is to lose weight and maintain or gain some muscle.