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Sep 15, 2005
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I've only been to 2 BJJ classes so far, and each time, whenever we did leg locks, when my partners were 'setting the lock up', they'd put one of their knees dangerously close to my wiggle-waggle ... but there were a couple of times were they literally put their knee in my special area and honestly, I consider myself lucky that my balls were not crushed. So I am wearing a cup from now on ... is that weird in BJJ? ... I mean, I need protection, but at the same time, I don't want the guys to think I have a hard-on.... Anyone else wear a cup in BJJ?

I talked to others about it in my class, and they too said "Yeah, man, it frickin' hurts when that happens, etc." but none of them wear cups, hence why I am asking if it is weird to wear a cup in BJJ...
I wear a cup, i want kids someday, and some people's attempts to open my guard aren't helping with that.
Dont get me wrong getting hit in the balls sucks but i CAN NOT stand wearing a cup it bothers me soo much when i roll... in the begining i would get hit in the nuts but now i never do and i roll like 4-6 times a week... of course now that i said that i will prob. take a knee tonight but eventually youll learn how to protect yourself but this is in grappling.. if you get into mma or standup you got to wear one.. but some people i roll with always wear them... if you get armbarred by someone wearing a cup it sucks
in my jujutsu classes everybody wears safeties/cups... women/girls too.
but we also train standup striking, so....
I love my jewels. Often, on a lonely night, they're the only things in the world that love me back. I don't want anything bad to happen to them.
bjjfighter91 said:
plus they'll help with doing armbars..

oh yeah... couldnt do a kneebar without cups too.
at the last us open in santa cruz, they didn't allow cups to be worn.
I used to wear a cup for sparring, but I don't anymore.

As some people mentioned, the cup makes it easier to armbar someone. However, the problem is it encourages shitty form because you don't need to squeeze your knees together. I found that wearing a cup caused me to smack other people's arms into my nuts way too easily when I did it without the cup.

I find that is pretty easy to avoid getting hit in the nuts when grappling. In fact, I can't remember one time when I got seriously hit. Unlike in striking, where a hit to the nuts is unavoidable and crippling, I think you can get away with no cup in grappling and be just fine.
not wearing a cup in bjj is nuts i don't care if you go a month without gettin hit in the nuts once the one time you do makes it so not worth it ... also i think its a bit gay doing triangles without one

it also lets me go harder since i don't have to worry about gettin hit in the nuts and in tourneys it can be used as a weapon if you get a metal cup and take opponents back then body triangle them the cup digs into their spine
Most guys don't wear them in BJJ. I don't and I almost never have any issue with it. On the other hand, I would not roll without a mouthpiece in -- it's too easy to take a knee, elbow or hand to the teeth if you or your rolling partner is not careful.
I know what you mean dude, when I do triangle chokes / arm bars / knee bars I ALWAYS seem to crush my nads. It's terribley painful.
Sometimes I wear one, sometimes I don't. I've only had a few accidents when I don't though.
i wear one nearly all of the time. it can be helpful, but it sucks ass when a ball gets between your body and the cup and someone puts pressure on the cup.
I try to never roll without a cup... it doens't bother me at all anymore. I don't think it really never has either. I can't believe a comp. would not allow them!! Thats crazy!