We need a classifieds section...


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Mar 26, 2005
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For fellow fighter/trainee's to sell their used/unused equipment. This way the gear and equip section will remain what it is, a discussion and classifieds can be for whoevers wanting money. Whos with me?
Hell yeah, that would be great! I have some gloves I'd like to sell... plus I'm looking to pick up some Twins shin pads as well.
Yea i have a whole package of Karate shit id let go for killer cheap or trade for some nice gloves and dont feel like fillin the discussion thread up with For Sales. I also think SSF Gear and companies like this would profit from this idea.
I was thinking about a gi exchange program where you send me an old gi and I would rate it between 1 and 5. When it sells I would give you credit or send you the money. Any way, you guys can post whatever you have for sell on my forum in the mean time.
Here the link to my forum;


knock yourselfs out.

With so many schools opening and closing I'm sure a classified forum would see alot of action.
I started a classified section at the above link. Post away and don't forget your contact info. This is all yours, just keep it related to MMA, BJJ, boxing and Thai boxing related.

I think this is a great idea! If nothing on Sherdog can get organized I love the idea of going through Ron :D
Thanks Ron! You even jump started the forum with some of your own stuff. Great idea.
I think we would get into a lot of unneeded problems if we had a classified section, mainly people getting ripped off. If Ron wants to be the escrow, it will probably work, but it will inflate costs as you have to pay to ship it 2x.
mmajitsu said:
I think the classified Forum is a Great Idea!

If we made it a sub-forum of this one I think it would be perfect. Alot of work would have to go into the disclaimers though, I would help write stuff like that.
I highly doubt you need an escrow service for a pair of used shorts or some old karate pads a guy doesnt want anymore i dont see any more people getting ripped off than on say ebay
Foxx_MMA... I agree. People are buying and selling here anyway. A classified forum would just add a little structure.
It'd be a good idea for some of the sellers who come on here. Maybe they get a batch of shorts without logos or something or a floor model bag that they're lookign to sell. Also it'd be a good place to pick up gis for practice and stuff.
...or maybe a school that is getting new equipment and wants to sell thier old stuff.