watched the fights last night with Matt the Immortal Brown

manny yarbrough

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Aug 1, 2011
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Helluva nice guy, I hadn't seen him since he fought my brother back in the day..
watched last nights event, chowing hot wings, drinking cold ones, and enjoying the hOOters girls! Matt had some pretty insightful commentary WAR IMMORTAL !
matt brown would've liven up the card last night with all the wrasslemania going on.
Big fan of Matt Brown, any words on his next bout?
Matt is on a beautiful 4 fight win streak beating Cope, Thompson, Ramos, and Swick all in 2012. He had an awesome year in the octagon. I would think his next matchup will be against a top 6-10 welterweight. Maybe Pierce or even Kampmann?
I remember his personal story he talked about when he was on the cover of FIGHT! magazine. Damn, to go into full body failure from and overdose to being a pro fighter. Miracle story if I ever heard one.

Not to mention that I found it funny when he dismantled the Wonderboy hype train.

Want to see him fight again soon!