Warrior Wear Question for Ron at SSF or anyone who knows!




Whats the difference between the 2 kinds of Warrior Wear shorts?

Couldnt tell, but do they both have a drawstrings?

Also, how is the fitting on these shorts? IE compared to the NOGI...I wear a 32 in NOGI and they fit great...

Sprawls dont fit me at all...when the waist fits the hips are too tight...when the hips fit the waist is HUGE...

PLease let me know ...I am interested in these!
The Ultras have a draw string.

The Flex has velcro and a snap under the velco but no draw string. They also have a flex panel on the inner legs.

I like the Ultras a lot. Both these shorts are ture to size, the NOGI shorts run a little large.

So a 32 in Nogi equals what in Warrior Wear?

What do you think?