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Jun 2, 2002
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How does your class typically warm up? Looking for a little depth if you guys have the time.
20 jumping jacks (x3)
10 squats (x3)
10 push ups (x3)
20 cross collar chokes
20 side sit ups (20 per side)
20 triangles
20 bumps
20 hip escapes
10 - neck up & downs, side to side, and ear to shoulder
stretch arms, neck, back and legs
place legs over head
that sounds like a sweet warm up.

Stretching for a few mins on your own at the beginning.

We run - Sides ways, forward, backwards. Legs up, then heals up. usually running for 10-15 mins. Some times have to carry partner for a lap, or two. Some times have to wheel barrow your partner around as well

3 sets of 10 pushup

3 rollover across mats
2 backrolls across mats
2 shrimping across mats

Some times makes us do crab walks, alligrator crawl, and bear crawls.

Then into the techniques for the day
20 lunges
60 guard crunches
20 partner squats
25 pushups
20 dive bombers
20 hip escapes
20 hip raises
10 armbars from mount
10 armbars from guard

sometimes we also do partner pushups, and partner curls
You guys are going to love this one.

5 minutes of squat thrust, 1 min rest and then 30 sprawls, 30 push ups, 30 squats, 30 1-2 sprawls (yes almost everyone participates in kickboxing as well) and 30 sit ups, and must be finished in under 5 minutes.

This is followed by 2 flow drills (5 min each). This is for the more advanced folks.
If our Black belt is teaching, we play soccer. If another person is teaching lots of running, pushups, burpees, fireman's carry while running, double-leg while running and squats.
Start out by running around the gym with variations:
Sideways, Backwards, Tarioca (?), levelchanges etc...

Then we do a bunch of BJJ/ Gymnastica Natural exercises, all moving down the gym then running back up, such as
- shrimping (2legs, 1 leg, forward, going to the knees)
- rolling (forward, backwards, coming into stretch, coming into sprawl)
- Hip drills (side-snake etc.)
- Bear crawls (into pushups, same sideways)
- Alligator/soldier crawl
- Push ups walking forward in between (jumping forward, Sphinx stretch forward)
- Sprawls
- Cartwheels (with jump turn)
- Lunges, jumping squats, wrestling shots
- Kuzushi exercises
- Guard retaining exercises (using hooks, partner walks backwards etc.)

Also: Basic drilling

Also: In a circle, everyone counts to ten and we do situps

Also: Technical drilling alone on the spot such as technical standup, shrimps, bridges, coming to the knees, surfers jump up, etc.

That's about it. obviously we don't do everything always but like to mix it up.

We mix it up here and there, but this is a basic run down of what we do:

jog several laps around the mats
jog several laps of side-to-side runs facing in
jog several laps of side-to-side runs facing out
several laps of bear crawls
20 jumping jacks
20 body weight squats
20 push-ups
Shoulder rotations - forward and backward
30 crunches
20 bridges - 10 over each shoulder alternating
20 hip-pops - alternating to each side every other one

I've got a lot of kids in my class. So, I try to mix it up and not do more than one set of each exercise so that they keep busy but they don't get bored.
Wow...this thread just reminded me how off we've gotten with our warm ups.

I need to get the class back to that!

Thanks, guys.
This is a nice drill too

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omg...you are all so lucky...our warm up is hell

-jogging around mats with duck walks, sprawls, mountain climbers, lunges, squats and different skips or static running with high knees, ankles, sprawls, mountian climbers, break falls, lunges, etc
-shrimps, tumbles, and other drills (theres one where you lie on your back, and shimmy side ways across the mat without using ur hands and feet, killer on the abs)
-then 50 ab exercies...per person there...that usually adds up to 600+
this is a light day...in the summer when its "conditioning" time, he does that, throws in a few back climb drills that stevenson did on TUF, throws in knee on belly drills, maintaing sit ups for 50 secs while the guy stands in ur guard... and other "fun" things... crazy ass brazilian bastard loves the number 50 for everything

then technic work ...then rolling
2 laps running in a circle around the mat
20 push ups
2 more laps
50 sit ups
2 more laps
20 push ups
2 more laps
50 sit ups alternating legs
2 more laps
50 kick up sit ups
50 jumping jacks
1:30 of grip excercses
10 sprawls
10 mountin climbers
10 sideways sprawl things
lay flat on back with legs 6 inches off ground for 1 min
bicycle and other leg excerscises
about 2 mins of neck excerscises
partner streches
front roll breakfalls
back rolls
side breakfalls
hip outs.

i am covered in sweat by this time, and we havent even started drilling yet.

Then we partner up and work 10 mins of pass/retain guard.
Circle up and learn something, drill it for 10 minutes. Repeat this 3 times.
3 or 4 five minute rolling sessions to round out the night.
...over an open flame.

I've got to say that I find some of the above warmups excessive. They're getting into the "cardio workout" territory, which really shouldn't be part of BJJ class IMO. If I want cardio, I'll do the same outside of class. For the hour or 1.5 hours I'm in the dojo, I want warmups only to the extent necessary to avoid injuries and then get into instruction and/or rolling.
Side to Side shuffles for about 5 min.
Side to Side hopes x 100
Front to Back hopes x 100
Step and Squates x 50
Push-ups x 40
Cruches x 200
Front rolls Left side x2 (across the floor and back)
Front rolls right side x2
Back rolls left side x2
Back Rolls right side x2
Shimpin' x8 (across the floor and back)
All that takes about an hour, then an hour of techniques. Three times a week, used to be four times a week until about two weeks ago.
...over an open flame.

I've got to say that I find some of the above warmups excessive. They're getting into the "cardio workout" territory, which really shouldn't be part of BJJ class IMO. If I want cardio, I'll do the same outside of class. For the hour or 1.5 hours I'm in the dojo, I want warmups only to the extent necessary to avoid injuries and then get into instruction and/or rolling.

Agreed. Our class is 1 hour: 10-15 min warm-up, 15-20 min drilling technique, 30 min rolling.
man thats a lot of warming up. warm ups should be sport specific drills until you are warm enough not to tear your muscles apart. If I want to do the crazy shit you guys do, I'll join cross fit.
Depends on whos warming up, but basically

20 jumping jacks
20 brazilian style jumping jacks
20 push ups
20 squats
20 umpas
egg beaters
shrimping or hip escapes across the mat twice, and then lunges across the mat twice.

theres a couple of guys that will work our abs out really good and well do some crazy stuff like

25 crunches
25 hip ups
25 over unders
25 bicycles
25 crunches
25 cross chokes
25 toe touches
25 triangles
25 crunches
25 hip ups
25 over unders
25 butterfly kicks
25 crunches

those days suck
Ours change for most lessons depending on which instructor (and how they are feeling that day), day or gym (there are about 3 or 4 strongly affiliated gyms).

I don't mind don't stuff like press ups, squats etc, its the agility warm up drills I can't stand. These include

1)walking accross the room in the handstand position.
2)Handstand and roll.
3)Cartwheels (sometimes one handed).
4)Backwards breakfall with a push up, flip kind of thing back to your feet.
5)Spider sprawls.
6)Holding on to a partners gi whilst they are in the turtle position and doing a forward flip, then the harder part of flipping back again.
7)In on gym they were putting their head to the floor and flipping backwards and forwards. I wouldn't even try it.

The rest of the warm up is pretty much the same as the ones listed on other peoples posts. Im not agile at all so I can't do most of these warm up drills but about 95% of the class can.

Its strange that most of the western students can't do these drills but the Korean students can.
i train at two different schools

- unorganized stretching/whatever (i do some joint mobility on my hips and shoulders)
- slow rolling, position only

other school
30-45 minutes of calisthenics, including running, leapfrogging, squats, pushups, hanging from gi/gi pullups, situps, crunches, leg raises, neck exercises, burpees

these days i only goto hte second school on open mat or i show up late