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Oct 12, 2006
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Looking to see if anyone wants to write about MMA or Training here.


MMA lifestyle website with a strong focus on training and traveling overseas. Looking for writers who want to contribute high quality content, not rehashed news pieces and stale PR like the majority of MMA site out there.

Areas for contributing =

Training/Travel blogs - Muay Thai in Thailand, BJJ in Brazil etc I want to gather all the best blogs in one location to provide diverse and consistent content.

MMA/Fight stuff

News - Only want to cover the major/most interesting stuff. Not interested in people copy/pasting Press Releases or every little tid bit like "so and so joins undercard"

Looking for quality, original, interesting, and researched articles. If you are passionate about the sport, this is the place to write legit content about it. Not argue over who is the p4p champ or if Shogun is overrated.

Training -Neglected area on most MMA websites. Looking for people passionate about covering the sport from this angle. Technique, conditioning, Nutrition etc. Everything that goes along with being a fighter.

Travel - Content regarding traveling abroad. Basically all the information you need to train and travel (mostly Thailand and Brazil for now) but looking to expand.

Experience isn't necessary and all positions are volunteer/contributors.

You can contact me via PM.
Also it helps if you have a previous writing example. Otherwise, you can also submit articles to me and I will publish them if they are adequate.
made a new one with more info.
Good luck Oeshon, you may just need it. I feel what you are looking for doesn't come easy, unless you are willing to pay for it. I find the idea solid. It's still gonna be tough securing solid writers for a new website. As we all know, good writers are usually looking for established sites to put on their resume. It can be done though, so i really wish you all the best. You are a really genuine nice guy.
Pay for me to go to Thailand and I will not only write articles for you about being in Thailand but I will also compete in fighting while there and write about what it's like from an actual fighters point of view, as well as a fans and writer.
If you expand to Japan, I could be interested.

The goal would be to have travel/training blogs across all the main disciplines and countries. If you are training in Japan and writing a blog that would be fantastic then.

I decided to focus on Brazil and Thailand (BJJ and Muay Thai) as these are the most popular options. I'll have my own blog going up in a few months in Thailand, already got a solid BJJ blog going on, and another BJJ blog from a friend later in the year.

The reason why I want multiple blogs is because this niche of blogging (training/traveling) is not a very permanent lifestyle for most people. It is painful to get sucked into a really good blog and then someone stops training/updating or goes back home.
Fine. You talked me into it. I'm in.

I have my bachelors in english and I wrote for ultimatesportstalk.com covering mma and the Los Angeles Clippers. I would love to talk more with you about this.
Are you interested in specific camps or like a guide to training in Thailand? I spent 3 years over there
Are you interested in specific camps or like a guide to training in Thailand? I spent 3 years over there

For the blog content? Just interested in people's experiences. I'll be doing gym reviews. I mostly live in Bangkok but planning to spend 6-7 months solid moving camp to camp and do reviews.

I got a few other things in the works too but I won't go into that now.

Guide to training is basically the travel section. Cover any important or useful info, plus interesting cultural/travel stuff.

If you want to be involved let me know.