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Jun 30, 2003
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I was doing some research on different supplement opitons and came across this stuff. Has anyone ever tried it or know anything about it.



additional Info?

below is straight off a website you can buy it from.

Yup, effective with no side-effects that aren't characteristic of abuse - TEH BAN.

Androsteindione goes on the many lists of bullshit bans the FDA has pulled because they need more Americans fat and dying, not Healthy and strong.
wasn't andro debunked as junk science years ago?
Well, we sold the whole VPX line including everything they made that had Andro in it. And out of all the Producs we sold that was the only line that sold better than the Ephedrine fat-burners. We even had problems of theivery with it so we had to keep it under lock-and-key. Plus I saw with my own eyes some of the physical differences of people who took it in various Products. Lastly, there's the FDA ban. We are all aware the FDA ban specifically bans what works. If it were truly junk-science, the FDA would have let it slide entirely...like the sex-drive supplements that claim to boost test production. But no, Androstein gets singled-out and banned. It did what it was supposed to do, and we never had any reports of side-effects that didn't correlate to user-irresponsibility.
One more question....

the bottle suggest 3cc's 2x a day (when u wake and 15mins before you lift)

the ad suggests 2cc's 3x a day (when u wake, before you lift, and before you go to sleep)

both total 6cc's a day but which one seems more beneficial?
I would say option 2, to keep serum levels saturated.

However, I have heard that you need at least 8 hours for liver enzymes to be able to restore themselves to process the next serving.

is there any big reasons why one option is better than the other?

is one more healthy than the other?

does one produce better gains?

Either way Im sure you will get results as long as you train hard and heavy.

Don't worry about it. Take it as directed, I just never saw a reason to take it when I woke up, then 3 hours later take it again, and not again until the next morning? That didn't make sense to me since I trained early.
hmm.. good point.. I have to lift at 7am every morning and I dont wake up until like 30 minutes before that.

any suggestions?
Kabuki, Andro was debunked. Not completely, RJKD posted on this, and the info he posted was the same as I had seen several years ago. Personally, I took andro way back in the day, and it didn't do anything for me.

Wait, this also depends on which Andro we're discussing. I'm thinking of the earlier versions, up until 5-Andro.

The first one, 4-Andro I think, only about 5-7% converted to testosterone. The very best Andro's I saw before 1-AD by Ergopharm came out only achieved 17% conversion.

1-AD is the shit, though, that's a great DHT-mimicker to stack with a more potent mass-building prohormone.
1-AD is the shit, though, that's a great DHT-mimicker to stack with a more potent mass-building prohormone.

I'm pretty positive this is the version VPX was using.
King Kabuki said:
I'm pretty positive this is the version VPX was using.
Okay, I thought so too, but I wanted to be clear this is the only way to go with Andro.

Any thoughts on the "Lifting First thing in the morning Dosage Dilema" missing spell check right about now.


I wake up at 6:30 or so and go straight to the weight room and I am Lifting by 7am. I have to do this 4 days a week. When should I take the stuff?
Here's a question:

How long is the shelf life on liposomals?
Can you freeze VPX prohormones?