Vitor Belfort: "I have more respect for Michael Bisping than he has for himself."

Even in full context his quote doesn't make much sense. I cant think of a fighter who thinks more highly of himslef than Bisping. But anyway yeah, they better have a war.
Belfort going to pull a intervention on Bisping.
I just read that quote like 10 times and thought he meant different things each time.
This quote makes absolutely no sense at all.

It means that in Bisping's heart he's afraid and doesn't think he can beat Belfort, to the point that even Belfort has more confidence in him.
Vitor can't compete with Bisping verbally but he has a good chance of putting him to sleep.

Looking forward to a good fight from both these guys.
I really hope Vitor knocks him out so cold that Bisping won't be able to lift hos own head up. :)
Vitor is a concrete poet in a dadaist way. His words are forever in a nonsensical loop, until it finds Jesus.