vinyl vs canvas


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Aug 12, 2005
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I'm ordering a new heavy bag online later and am deciding whether I want vinyl or canvas. I've always used vinyl in the past and have had no complaints so is there any reason to switch?
Canvas will last longer but it rough on bare knuckles. Shop around an you can find leather pertty cheap.
The boxing club at my school has both, and they seem to be about even in preformance. I wouldn't really hit either bareknuckle, so that is not really all that important. I would just go with what is cheaper, although leather is probably best.
I've got bag gloves so no barenuckle training

So then is the consensus that canvas will be more durable (I'm on a pretty serious budget)
If it's significantly cheaper, do the canvas. Allthough I prefer leather, the vinyl is a good option too. Plus canvas doesn't give you that satisfying WHAP sound.
I have leather and vinyl bags hanging, but use a canvas for floor bag drills.