(vid) Randy Couture Chokes Out a Lady

Yeah DogTag, since she has so much experience getting choked out...
come on!

Rad vid, she's not too shabby, even including the totally not hot look on her face when she's first out.
thats neveen, she is on a show called bad girls club on oxygen, she is a total bitch
Yeah this has bee around for a while...still though, that bitch had it coming. He should have dropped some 'bows on her for laughs afterwards.

You can find a vid of Frank Shamrock doing the EXACT same thing to some douchbag Radio Jockey.
any different version of the video, one i dont hve to be a member of a site to watch?
I never saw that... that was kind of creepy when her eyes were rollled back in her head... he should have molested her when she was asleep... grabbed a boob or something...

But then again, I guess he was on TV and national radio..