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Dec 30, 2012
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UFC need to utilize Joe Rogan more during pay per views, you pay $44.95 for 5 fights, which is sweet, but it'd be good if they utilized the guy who drives the commentary and the person who drives the education of the sport, for example, possible 10-15 minute segment of particular things to further educate fans, in a growing sport it'd be fantastic to see little more bits and pieces from Joe, he's value in the company is extremely under estimated by so many people! He has a couple segments here and there on Fuel TV's show, but I think during a pay per view to add further education on what certain things are and how certain things seem harder than it looks would be fantastic!
i think they should have talent shows between the fights. like who can make the best poem about the next fight or maybe an original song. the could also have artists do live portraits like they do at the local fair

or mayge they should fill any spare time with a fucking fight
Goldie + Rogan = Dynamic Duo
What more could you ask for?
if the UFC is the Superbowl of MMA i want to see a half-time with a lingerie smackdown league with Rogan and Goldie commentating.
There's no time. The UFC doesn't give a shit about our enjoyment or education of the sport really. They want as much money during that PPV broadcast as they can get. Despite charging it's fans and putting it on PPV just to watch, they still show commercials and promote others things during broadcast to waste our time and make themselves(owners) more money. So there is no extra 15 minutes for the fans unless the fans like getting sold other stuff on a telecast they had to pay for.
the whole point of the UFC PPV's is that they are filled with action. fight after fight after fight. if the main card comes up short (in terms of time), we see the best from the preliminary fights.

this is something that they do much better than boxing.

I see absolutely no reason to change it. There are other avenues to cover fighter training, diet, etc including the countdown shows, TUF, etc.
i never thought i would say this but goldie should never be fired. his energy just works with rogan. they have the same pace and they project the same. anik sounded like he was always yelling over the crowd and only half the volume of rogan. goldie is comfortable and is good at laying out the stats. this anik guy did nothing. anik is better with kenny because they have the same projection and energy.
The UFC doesn't give a shit about our enjoyment or education of the sport really.

Of course they care about enjoyment, it's just that to 9 outta 10, small "educational" segments wouldn't exactly fit the term "entertaining" or "enjoyable".

Even the average Sherdogger probably doesn't care much for that, and feel free to figure out yourself what the average viewer who doesn't even care enough to sign up on a message board would think about UFC edutainment.

They just wanna watch the fucking fights, and I don't blame them.
They should team up with tmz and give us all the latest gossip
I don't think a 15 minute segment is necessary. But I would prefer if they cut back on those pre-fight background story / hype videos and just had Rogan do a "keys to the fight" type feature.

Personally, I'm more interested in hearing Rogan's analysis than Goldie say something like "Fighter XX tore through three opponents in the UFC and then had 2 other fights that we won't talk about right now. Now he's looking to get back in the win column." Don't mean to pick on Goldberg, Anik's are the same.
I like the idea actually. if you Want the sport to grow you need to educate the audience. but not on the ppv's tho. those are for the fights only. but id like to see it somewhere.