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USA Wrestling Mason Dixon Regional Grappling Qualifier

USA Grappling

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Mar 27, 2007
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USA Wrestling Mason Dixon Regional Grappling Qualifier
Event Date: May 17-18, 2008
Event Location: Rising Sun High School, 100 Tiger Drive, North East MD 21901
Event Contact: Will Townsend, (757) 450-7469, [email protected]
Host Hotel: Best Western, 39 Elwoods Road, North East MD 21901
Phone Number: (410) 287-5450 Rate: $99.99 Promo Code: USA Wrestling E-mail: [email protected]
Cost: Pre-Register (ends 5/15) online for $50 at: www.trackwrestling.com; On-site Late Registration $75

Age Groups:
Kids (Born 1994-1997)
High School (Born 1988 and after, plus must be enrolled in Grades 9-12)
Senior Men (Born 1990 and before)
Senior Women (Born 1991 and before)

Skill Divisions:
All Age Groups will offer Advanced and Novice Skill Divisions.
-Novice Skill Division is for grapplers with one year or less Grappling experience.

Weight Classes:
Senior Men