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Mar 3, 2008
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I was wondering if anyone out there has purchased any of these or more than one and if they found any of them useful, I have only purchased John Hacklemans Pit workout and believe it or not it is a very difficult cardio workout, just wondering if anyone else had tried one and or suggested others
I forgot no one on Sherdog other than the real fighters actually train.....................:rolleyes:
I forgot no one on Sherdog other than the real fighters actually train.....................:rolleyes:

no i think its that none of the people who actually train waste their money trying to learn from a dvd

we aint all like evan tanner...most of us learn in a gym
I've read good reviews for Bas Rutten's MMA Workout. I have the Bas Rutten Lethal Street Fighting Self Defense DVD, and liked it a lot. I have the Bas Big DVD's of Combat, but didn't watch the whole thing yet.
fighters are not going to reveal how they really train. if you watch inside ufc or ufc all access or whatever it's called, the training they do is really dulled down. i don't know if you saw when they tried to go to the pit, john hackleman wouldn't let you see how they trained. it's just way too crazy and intense. if you're not in incredible shape, you will have a heart attack. and they don't want other fighters or competition to see what they're doing.
its ahrd to develope skill from a DVD but for a workout ide go with Bas Ruttens DVDs i used them they kill u pretty hardcore
Bas Ruttens are always a winner - especially the MMA workout, as it is just that, a workout, it doesn't try to teach you techiques it's just drills.
To say DVD's are useless is a joke, watching some of the worlds best talk through techniques that you learn at the gym or rolling with others can give you further insight in to the most effective way to use em. But starting from scratch with DVD's wouldnt be the best. If you;re gonna get serious get to a gym.
heard of james thompson?

Yeah, it worked out so well for him too (can't tell if you were joking though)

But seriously - DVDs are good to suppliment your training with or to help you try out some new concepts, but you really need to learn fundamentals from a trainer. A DVD won't correct your bad habits or get you used to having your ass kicked

Bas Ruttens workout disks are different because they are a conditioning workout, not an instructional (he says so himself). You won't learn to fight from them, but you'll get used to throwing a lot of techniques per round.

If you insist on learning the begineer basics from a video, you're better off scouring youtube for little clips of info, but you WILL get bad habits that you WILL pay for later (and have trouble breaking)
I forgot no one on Sherdog other than the real fighters actually train.....................:rolleyes:

Maybe it's the fact that this forum doesn't get the same level of traffic as the Heavyweights. Gotta be more patient in the training forums.

The relevant answers have already been stated. Bas's MMA workout is great as a conditioner. Other than that, if you're interested in conditioning stuff, you're better off checking out www.rosstraining.com and picking up Ross Enamait's products. Some of the best stuff you'll ever read about training.
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