Media UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs Holland GIFS


Thanks sherGOAT. Passed out last night after the rda fight after a long day missing the main event . Surprised Holland lost, thought this was a style layup for him fighting an aged wonderboy . Glad he won though always good to see the OG's snatch a W from the younger blood.
Best fight night of the year, imo. Though I might be forgetting a great one from the beginning of the year
Jesus. Rojo could have stopped that assault. He's punching a corpse. Just bleed much?

He only landed 3 or 4 shots, not like he pulled a BB/Francis and obliterated a fully sleeping fighter. Even then, you fight until the ref says stop.
Glad the shoey slob lost.

Thanks for the gifs. Pissed i tried fucking this Indian girl, didn't get it up, and missed the main event.