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Ufc 155 *****party thread*****


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Dec 26, 2012
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To watch UFC 155, my girlfriend and I will either be in party mode at the Belmont Inn (a dive bar here in Portland, Ore) or, if we are lacking fund$, the nearby BWW (yuck).

If you are planning to do the same, where? And with whom?

I intend to get drunk. Again.
Pics of GF or GTFO!

well at 4am i will be watching it in bed
Last NYE, me and a few mates hit up London - we went down for the weekend, stayed at my best mate's. Friday night was UFC 141, we got boozey in town then headed back and watched the card....our host isnt even a big fan of MMA but let us get the card on etc, good time. Then out on NYE itself, the Saturday....needless to say, I spent a small fortune!

Can't afford that this year as Im going travelling end of March. So UFC 155 is my NYE. I get back to my house on Saturday afternoon, getting straight on it - smokes, rums, a few sniffs here and there to keep me alert until midnight when it all kicks off with the prelims! Got a group of friends coming over, so it'll be 6am by the time JDS/Cain 2 ends - no doubt we'll get to bed around 10am, so NYE itself will be spent recovering, haha.
"need help with that" LOL! I'm gonna puke at least twice that night.
Just think about how enormous her shits must be... or not, it's your choice.