Tyson-holyfield 3??


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Mar 16, 2006
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Mike Tyson News: TYSON-HOLYFIELD 3? -updated

According to a recent interview with boxingtalk, former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has hinted at a possible return to the ring for a third fight with 4-time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. When asked whether or not he would be interested in possibly fighting Evander Holyfield later this year, Tyson stated, "Sometimes I say yeah it is and sometimes I say it isn't. I'm in one of those up in the air moments. It's something I want to do it all depends on how many tickets (or millions*) are involved."

Tyson went on to reveal that he is working on a movie and autobiography. Regardless Tyson is steadfast in the belief that he can make another run as he states,"I think I am going to go at it hard one more time." Tyson continued,"I just want to get in the gym for 3 months and then see how I feel about it." Regarding Holyfield, Tyson said that "he's the guy for me to fight and I can always get up to fight him. He's the kind of fight that could make me have an affair for boxing again. I don't know if I will fall in love with boxing again, but I am ready to have a love affair for a few months."
On whether Mike would look to knock out Holyfield in a third fight he responded:"That would be my goal. If I get in there with him I'd just be looking to knock him out."
Evander Holyfield acknowledged that both camps are talking about meeting up again.
"There has been some talk between us," Holyfield told The Guardian. "Mike had Jeff Fenech, who's been training him, call me a few months ago. Jeff says Mike wants to fight me again -- but he needs to know if I would agree to it. I said, 'It all depends on what they gonna give us -- because I'm gonna catch a lot of flak if I say I'm fighting Mike Tyson again. I've already said I don't want to fight Mike no more'.
"Jeff says, 'What if Mike gets in proper shape?' I told him that's ok but I can't be part of it if Mike's going to pull out. Jeff said, 'The main thing Mike wants to know is if you would be willing to fight him again?' I said, 'Yeah, if the price is right, I probably would'."

Holyfield told the BBC's Inside Sport programme: "It's up to me as an adult what I want to do.
"Tyson wants to regain his character. I want a good showing, he wants a good showing - so the best man would come out on top."
the only time this might register in the grand scheme of this is if it was was a mma fight but hey.... brock lesnar wud own both of them :icon_chee
Yeah in mma brock would probably wrestle them down but... what does that have to do with them boxing again?
Yeah in mma brock would probably wrestle them down... but what does this have to do with them boxing again?
Yeah in mma brock would probably wrestle them down... but what does this have to do with them boxing again?

Absolutely nothing hence why it came from a guy named absofsteel.

Anyway, I'd most likely watch this fight and hope it does happen. I'd like to see ol' Mike give it one more go for the hell of it.
agreed.. aparently he is training again.. but im worried he might just want the money thats involved and this could be another bad night for him..
I think Mike could take out Holyfield, if his head's in it. What am I talking about... I see a Mike DQ in Rd 3 for kneeing Holyfield in the nuts.
This fight is irrelevant, but I'd still watch it for free at a bar.
I think Holyfeild would tune Tyson, he's at least been workin.