Type of tire for sledgehammer swings?

Tim Goodwin

Amateur Fighter
Jul 31, 2006
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Do I need to get a big ass truck tire or will an old regular car tire do for sledgehammer swings? Or does it even matter?
A big ass tire is the easiest to use, because you dont need any padding under it.

But plenty of people use small tires.
If you go with small ones, epoxy two or three stacked on top of one another. They will hold up better.
has anyone tried attaching the tire to something with a larger base so the damn thing doesn't fly all over the place? I'm talking about the smaller car tires.

If you have ideas they would be greatly appreciated.
the bigger the better, but like someone said above glueing two together or tying them helps with the flying around thing
another option is to use mats instead of tires. I kind of prefer mats since they make the movement much more difficult as they eliminate the rebound. But I use sledgehammer swings as a general conditioning exercise, rather than trying to build up my overhand punches or shoulder throws or whatever else people use it for.