Twom thumbs way up for WS for skinny bastards..



I have to sing the praise of this article. I've been using it for four weeks now and it has made a more then noticable differance in how I look. Plus I feel a hell of a lot better. I was lifting WS style four days a week and running the other three, and I guess it was a bit much.
I thought, when I read this, that it might suit my needs a little better. I have to run, and I have to do lots of pushups for my APFT.

Changing the speed day to a rep day has done wonders, now lets see how my numbers compare...
Now if you could just learn to spell "two", you'd be the king of the world.
What were you doing before the WS program? What major changes have you noticed?

PS: I am a skinny bastard.
I think throwing out speed day and doing a rep day is a good idea whether you're a skinny bastard or not.

I honestly think most of the benefits seen by speed work in terms of max strength have more to do with volume and skill practice than anything.
All of my upper body speed work is right after my bench on max day, 8x3@ 60% max flat bench, usually using bands now (two weeks in a row so far). This was recommended to me by Dan181. I gained 20lbs on my bench almost instantly (about two weeks). It seems worth it to me to keep my repetition day and just do a little dynamics on max day. I have reached 29.5 dips, when i hit 30 i am gonna add 10 lbs, then hit 30 dips, add 10 lbs, does this seem like an alright idea?